"Engage. Educate yourself. Educate those around you. Make sure that in the sea of progress, your voice is a tidal wave."
~Khara House


Welcome! On this site you will find resources for personal, artistic, and advocacy actions; thoughts on topics from the Arts to public policy; and much more. 

In the light of today's constantly shifting landscape of cultural, social, and political ideologies, it seems all the more important to create a safe space for both bipartisan and nonpartisan dialogue and engagement. With the fate and funding for programs in the Arts and Sciences in a place of uncertainty, the essential nature of art in today's society has been thrust into the limelight. 

This site is a place to engage. To learn. To ponder. To grow. You are invited to take part in a global dialog, and to find means big and small to step onto the front lines of artistic, political, and social engagement. 

Join in. Be heard. Be welcome.

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