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What exactly is a Submit-O-Rama?
A Submit-O-Rama is your chance to get your writing out as much as possible in one month. More than a chance, it is a challenge. Essentially you commit to a certain number of submissions (maybe one a day, maybe three a week, maybe 30 in a month).

How often does this happen?
The first Submit-O-Rama challenge took place in October 2012. It is now planned as an at least bi-annual event to be held in May and October yearly. There may even be future Submit-O-Ramas outside of October and May to come ... and you can do your own “submit-o-rama” any time!

When/how can I sign up?
You can join in at any time during the challenge month. There is no official “sign up,” per say; however, you are encouraged to state your commitment to the challenge on the main challenge page, or on one of the six unique challenge pages (Basic, Uber, Alpha, Name Game, Choose Your Rules, or Mini). You can also “sign up” through the Submit-O-Rama Facebook Event Page.

When should I start submitting?
For the May challenge, you can start counting submissions for the Submit-O-Rama from 12:00:01 AM on May 1 (local time)! For the October challenge, you can start counting submissions made as of 12:00:01 AM on October 1. After that it’s up to you exactly when you submit.

I said I would submit three times a week, but I missed a day … Does that mean I lose?
Not necessarily! Let’s say you want to submit three times a week; that’s fifteen times in May/October. You can “catch up” if you need to and still meet your challenge’s requirements.

I said I was going to do one of the easier challenges, but now I think I can take on a bigger one. Can I switch?
Of course! You can “upgrade” or “downgrade” your challenge as you see fit.

How do I win? What exactly do I win? Are there prizes?
To “win” your challenge, all you have to do is meet the minimum number of submissions for your challenge. But really, you can’t “lose” at the Submit-O-Rama, because it’s a personal challenge. So even if you said you would submit 30 times, and you only submit 20 times, you’re still a winner … that’s 20 more submissions than you started with! That said, this is also an “honor-code” challenge. At the end of the month, participants will be asked to share which challenge they participated in and if they completed the challenge. Everyone who participated will earn a participant certificate. Everyone who completed their challenge will also win a certificate of completion. There will also be blog/website/page “badges” for participants and winners!

May/October is a busy month … Can I count submissions I made in April/September toward my challenge?
Well … technically no.

Who can participate in the Submit-O-Rama?
Anybody! Even though the primary focus of Our Lost Jungle is poetry, writers from all genres are welcome to participate in the Submit-O-Rama. There are some participants who are mixing and matching genres, some who are submitting queries rather than standard journal submissions, and some who are including proposals for conference presentations, readings, and more as part of their personal challenge … If you can do any of those things, you can join in!

How can I talk to other Submit-O-Rama participants?
All participants are welcome to gather and chat on the Facebook Event Page. There are also challenge-specific forums in the Our Lost Jungle Community Forums for challenge participants to talk and share resources. If you happen to live in the same area as some of your fellow participants, you can also have face-to-face meet ups!

None of the challenges sound right for me. Can I still participate?
If none of the main challenges looks right for you, you should check out the “Choose Your Rules” challenge, where you can set your own standard for your participation!

How do I find places to submit?
Great question! There are several great websites you can use, including Duotrope,, Poets & Writers, and more. Throughout the challenge month, there will also be several publishing opportunities shared on the Our Lost Jungle site! (Note: Duotrope's full detailed listings are now available to subscribers ONLY)

I really like the Submit-O-Rama artwork … Can I steal it?
Well, stealing is always wrong. However, you can certainly use any of the challenge artwork, from the main badge to the individual challenge badges, on your website, blog, or page. All I ask is that you be respectful of the art: don’t go making and selling t-shirts with it! (That said, if you want to make your own t-shirt with the art … that’d be kind of awesome!)

How do you have time for hosting a challenge like this?
The answer to that one is twofold. First, the challenge is primarily in the hands of the participants; I just check in to make sure everyone is doing okay, and share resources throughout the week that have been planned since the idea for the Submit-O-Rama first entered my head. Second … I skip meals. Don’t tell my dad.

I don’t see an answer to my question here. Help!
If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with me at, or by using the Contact form; I will get back to you as soon as possible, I promise!

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