Submit-O-Rama: ALPHA DOGS

The Submit-O-Rama "ALPHA DOGS" challenge (formerly the "Alpha" challenge) calls for the participant to submit to a journal for every letter of the alphabet in the month of May. By this standard, you will submit at least 26 times in May.

If this sounds like the challenge for you, take it on! Leave a comment below to let me, and anyone else who joins you, know that this is the challenge you've taken. And don't forget to snag the badge below for your website, blog, or Facebook page to let everyone know you've taken the challenge! Good luck!


  1. I am officially doing this one!
    Today (which I deemed "Five for Friday," I submitted to Ascent, Brusque, Cake Train, Drunk Monkeys and Every Day Poets. Whew. ;) Thanks, Khara!

    De Jackson

    1. Way to go, De, and welcome to the Alpha challenge :)

    2. Thanks, Khara. Truckin' right along again today, with two poems sent to Fade Poetry for "F."
      Thanks for the fun prodding! :)

    3. Okay, today I paid $2 for the first time, to submit 2 poems to a fun pub called Hoot. ;) But if I get in print, I get PAID. :) Thanks for the momentum, Khara!



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