25 August 2018

Remembering Senator John McCain

I had the privilege of getting to know and cover the politics and ideologies of Senator John McCain in a variety of ways over the past ten years. In covering the 2008 Presidential Election, I witnessed his "maverick" method of crossing the aisle to pursue the best interests of all Americans. Over the years in various correspondences, I have seen his willingness to hear from the other side and acknowledge that though we may have approached political and social affairs differently, we could still hear all sides in a civil and dignified manner. I may not have known Senator McCain personally, but he certainly touched my life and helped shape my political points of view to be slow to speak, quick to listen, and always believing that "Better" was out there.

Senator McCain embraced the idea of America as the land of possibilities beyond probabilities. In the final period of his life he stood out as one who was willing to fight for the just cause, even if it meant going against his own party, for the sake of all people. He fought for Americans regardless of party affiliations, and sought to create a nation where the freedoms we enjoy, the freedoms and liberties written into the bedrock of our nation, were available, accessible, and equitable to all.

Today we lost a great American hero. But we gain the lessons of his legacy-- the reminder and clarion call that all can aim for things greater than ourselves, dreams beyond our reach, good beyond our own. That we can do so with courage and integrity. That we can move forward as one nation of we likewise embrace one another in this journey. That all men can be maverick, but no man stands alone. I'm grateful to Senator McCain for this legacy of leadership, and send heartfelt condolences to the McCain family with the unifying hope that we can each carry on that legacy into a brighter tomorrow.

Rest in peace, Senator... And thank you.


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