21 August 2015

You know it's hard out there for a [poet]

No small part of me wanted to lay a full on Hustle and Flow quote on you all: It's hard out there for a pimp.

Personal ideologies about the integrity of such a lyric, these days you can insert just about any moniker into the line and make it true. But nowhere does it feel so true as in the life of a Creative. I'm not talking about the struggle to find inspiration, or the struggle to pinpoint the perfect word. These are occupational hazards. I'm talking about the Other Thing. The "What's your real job?" Thing. The "Don't Think That Sonnet's Gonna Pay the Bills, Johnny" Thing. That thing that happens when you realize that you, as a writer, have written nary a word beyond the daily requirements of daily, working, corporate, not-so-literary life.

You must know this thought doesn't come out of nowhere. It's coming from a writer who hasn't written a poem since April. It's coming from a website host who hasn't posted since ... well, what'd'ya know, April. Because, welcome to life. Because, welcome to "the career that pays those, um, what do you call them, oh yeah, BILLS." Because it's hard out there for a poet.

Part of me wants to launch a series for you (that is, anyone who has stuck around during the Jungle hiatus) on "How to Fit Writing Into Your Busy Life." But ... who has the time? She said, tongue-in-cheek-while-simultaneously-clenched-between-teeth. For the next few posts--which I hope to be sharing every few days, for the sake of this thought thread!--I'll be taking on the Hardknock Life of Writing, the why of the hard, the how of the overcome, the when of the time, and the where of the release of what boils your blood.

There may be prompts.

There may be poems.

There may be deep thoughts, or surface level thoughts, or silly thoughts.

There will be blood. Poet blood. Poured out like Daniel Plainview spilling a milkshake.

Welcome back to the Jungle. Let the wind move you.


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  1. Oh I know what you speak of. I haven't been getting much writing done either.
    I'm also suffering from, it's hard out there for a creative in the corporate world.

    It is good to see the jungle come up in my emails.
    You are not alone
    I am not alone
    We are not alone

    Time to rejig life somehow for the health of our creative souls

    1. So right! There's something particular to the corporate world that makes the creative world so much harder. The knowing of "what has to be" (corporate) versus "what could be" (creative). Let's wrangle the worlds together!

  2. I know Khara! And when I leave to join the rest of the work force in 2 weeks, I'm going to be a bit crazy myself.


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