02 May 2014

may submit-o-rama: let slip the dogs of war

May Submit-O-Rama: Let Slip the Dogs of War
In case you missed it, yesterday was the official launch of the May Submit-O-Rama! First, let me say how excited I am both to be starting another SOR and to be ending my extended “brief” sabbatical from the Jungle! (In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a bit quiet in here for the past few months.) In part due to the demands of work, and some other weekly writing commitments, it’s been pretty much impossible to dedicate as much time as I’d like to all our usual Jungle happenings. Fortunately, some restructuring is taking place so I can focus on bringing you some of the most popular OLJ challenges on the reg! The Submit-O-Rama, as the biggest challenge brought to you by the Jungle, is definitely not going anywhere!

Beginning this year the structure for the SOR is going to be a little different! The May SOR, as the first of the year—and happening at the semi-start of summer—will be a bit more “intense” than the October SOR, which happens super close to all the holidays that make us all want to rip our hair and eyeballs out. At the same time, the May SOR has gotten a makeover: this May’s theme is “Boot Camp,” because let’s face it … it’s time to beat our writing into submission. (Pun so totally intended.)

The focus of SOR Boot Camp is twofold. First, we’re going to focus a lot on reshaping ourselves: our perceptions of success and failure in the submission process, and our commitments to the actual work of getting our work out there. Second, we’ll focus a lot more on reshaping our work: it’s time to stop dismissing rejected works as “not good enough” and start learning to see them as “not good enough for over here, but perfect for over there”!

Here’s a little break down of how things will work this month:

Mondays: We’ll look at how to edit and revise submissions in a number of different lights. For example: how to use rejection to perfect your writing, overcoming the “previously published” pitfall through revision, and how to see your work through an editor’s eye

Wednesday: Miniature pep talks. I’m talking super short.  But just what we’ll all need in the middle of the week!

Fridays: Fridays will feature some honest looks at the submission process, including stats on acceptance rates, some real talk about rejection, and hopefully some words of wisdom from both writers and editors alike!

Saturdays: We’ll focus on journals where you can send your work. I’ll be sharing at least 5 journals a week that are open to submissions during the month of May. I’m not promising an A to Z list as usual (to be honest, it simply takes too many hours) but I am promising at least 30 journals shared for your submission pleasure!

The first round of journals open to submissions will go live tomorrow. Until then, happy submitting, and as always: Happy Writing!


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  1. Grrr! I hate computers when they swallow comments.

    It is so good to see you again. You are missed in the inbox when life intrudes!

    1. Thanks, Margo! It's good to be back!!


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