25 May 2014

may submit-o-rama: the battlefield (iv)

May Submit-O-Rama: The Battlefield (IV)
This week’s featured journals are a “colorful” collection of journals and presses. Good luck with your submissions!

Featured Journal: The Rainbow Journal

You can’t always rely on a journal to lay things out for you … sometimes the path to publication is a wide open landscape of possibilities. One journal that features bare-minimum guidelines, journal details, and more is The Rainbow Journal. If you check out their masthead page, you don’t get editor bios … you get their names. If you read the submissions page, you get a nicely skeletal description of their guidelines, a theme … but not much else. They keep things simple. Even the themes thus far—this is a fledgling online journal whose first edition came out in January—have been simple: rainbow, rain, and currently children/childhood. And they’re broad: the current guidelines for the theme simply invite poems “about or connected in any way to children or childhood.” There’s only about a million directions you can go with that.

The good news about TRJ is that you can expect a fast turnaround for a response; their average response time is around 24 days, and usually no more than 29, meaning you’ll most likely wait less than a month before hearing back. The other good news is that a journal with such minimalist detail in everything from masthead to guidelines gives you a lot of room to play in two areas: with your submissions themselves, and with your skills as a detective. Take this as an opportunity to try and find out as much as you can about the editors, past published poets, etc. And use it as your chance to be playful with your submission packet! Remember: this is a battlefield … but it’s also a playground.

The Rainbow Journal is open for submissions for their children/childhood theme through June 30th. Learn how to submit HERE.

Here’s SEVEN more colorful journals currently open to submissions!

Red Paint Hill Quarterly (Fiction, Poetry, Plays): A journal that believes “everyone has a story, and every story is writable.” Submit your work here: http://redpainthill.com/quarterly.php  

Mock Orange Magazine (Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art): Submissions are limited to work from women (and female-identified writers/artists) ages 14-25. Submit your work here: http://mockorangemagazine.com/submission-guidelines/

Southern Yellow Pine Publishing (Book Length: Fiction, Nonfiction): Publisher with a focus on “Southern Tales and Southern History.” Submit your work here: http://www.syppublishing.com/publish-your-book/ 

GreenPrints (Essay/Nonfiction, Poetry, Short Story): “The Weeder’s Digest” is “a hyacinth for the soul.” Submit your work here: http://www.greenprints.com/content/12-writer-guidelines 

alice blue (Fiction, Poetry, Reviews): A journal “published on a hidden mountain-top between Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.” A little confused … Submit your work here: http://www.alicebluereview.org/main.html  

Indigo Rising Magazine (Essay, Fiction, Poetry, Reviews): A magazine built for “the odd, the unfiltered abstract, the purified sojourns, the darkness that walks and the endings that rest solitude.” Submit your work here: http://www.indigorisingmagazine.com/p/guidelines.html 

Wild Violet (Essay, Fiction, Interviews, Poetry, Reviews): An online quarterly literary magazine with a goal to “‘democratize’ the arts and make them more accessible to the mainstream.” Submit your work here: http://www.wildviolet.net/submissions/#.U4IspyjLMg8


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