17 May 2014

may submit-o-rama: the battlefield (iii)

May Submit-O-Rama: The Battlefield (III)
This week’s featured journals are “by the numbers.” Good luck with your submissions!

Featured Journal: Four Ties Lit Review

Four Ties Lit Review features more than just great writing: there’s also an abundance of great insight into the worlds, thought processes, and habits of other remarkable artists and writers for you to steal (or shall we say, “learn”) from! FTLR is an electronic journal founded and edited by a wonderful writer—and friend—Matthew Larrimore. (In case you’ve forgotten, he was interviewed here in the Jungle back in June of 2012!) I know Matt, and many of the editors, of FTLR, and can attest to their deep insights, meaningful examinations, and careful considerations of writing. The great thing about Matt and what he’s done with FTLR is his creation of a place where we not only enjoy literature, but also learn from literaries.

Matt will be featured in a week or so answering some questions posed to a few editors I know to offer you all more insights into the publishing world, but I’m stealing some of his insights for this week’s feature! Why? Because when it comes to your submissions, Matt’s encouragement is that you “play the numbers game.” Here’s a little snippet of what Matt has to say!
You can assume that even rawest of venues is rejecting more than half of what they get so expect rejections, a lot of them, and more as you set your sights on being published with higher quality publishers.  If you want to get published put out a good number of submissions. As a fellow writer I'd like to tell you at least 10. As a publisher I have to tell you more than 20.

Four Ties just opened to submissions on the 16th, so get your packets ready to bombard, and let them loose HERE.

Here’s four more numerical journals currently open to submissions!

10,000 Tons of Black Ink (Fiction, Nonfiction): Features an annual “Best Of” print edition! Submit your work here: http://10ktobi.wordpress.com/about/

 5x5 (Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry): The title references radio terminology that also describes the work they seek … work with “excellent strength and perfect clarity.” Submit your work here: http://5x5litmag.wordpress.com/submission-guidelines/

3:AM Magazine (Nonfiction, Poetry): Though they’re currently closed to fiction submissions, any journal that states upfront they have a “liberal open-door policy designed to encourage and facilitate new writing” is worth a gander! Submit your work here: http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/submissions/

94 Creations (Drama, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Visual Art): This might just be the home for your gritty and offbeat pieces. I only say so because they do. Submit your work here: http://www.94creationsjournal.com/


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