03 January 2014

i ♥ my blog month: getting started!

I ♥ My Blog: Getting Started!
Welcome to the 2014 "I My Blog" Month Challenge! For those who did not participate last year, this challenge is really just a month-long quest toward rekindling the flame with your website or blog. Whether you’ve lost sight of the original purpose of your blog or simply don’t feel the same passion when it comes to writing regularly, this challenge is designed to help you regain some focus, revitalize your blog, and get 2014 started on the “write” foot!

Each week will feature three types of post:


On task days (Mondays), you’ll be presented with a “call to action” prompt designed to help you revitalize your blog or website. Whether it’s generating an editorial calendar or refocusing on who your audience is, each task will in some way focus you on the basics of blogging, and help you navigate (or re-navigate) yourself into the direction you need to go to keep your site going strong!


Tips (Wednesdays) will be aimed at giving you suggestions or general ideas for what your blog needs to keep it going. More than keeping you afloat, these tips are meant to keep you flying … if not soaring! These will include habits to get into as a productive blogger, blog and website elements to make sure you include, and tips for generating content and reader “engagement.”


The tools posts (Fridays) will all be focused on great resources around the web that will also help you stay focused. These may include other challenges, articles with blogging strategies, links to resources, fun blogging tools, and more!

If there’s one else I ask of you during this challenge, it would be that you take this as an opportunity to “test the waters” with your blog or website. See what works … figure out what doesn’t. Try new things, or make something tried and true a genuine habit of your blogging. And please remember to share your progress, questions, success, struggles, and resources as we work through this challenge together! One thing I always stress among writers is that none of us is in this writing thing alone: we are a cloud of sharedness, a chorus of unitedness. None of us should journey alone: and so, as you journey, share that journey with all of us!

The first task goes live Monday! Until then, think of some of the things you’d like to try this month. Start thinking of what it is your blog needs to get the flame blazing again!

Your Turn: Share your 2014 writing/blogging aspirations in the comments below!


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  1. My aim is to increase the annual views on my poetry site http://miskmask.wordpress.com to match (or at least shadow) that of Misk Cooks at http://miskcooks.com , which recorded just over 83,000 views in 2013.

  2. Wow, Misk!! Congrats! I aim to start a new one.

    1. Best of luck with the new blog, J.lynn! Be sure to share the link when you've created it! :)

  3. Revising my blog is exactly what I've been thinking about for the past week. My intention is to make a new tagline and explore other areas as I feel my old one has been examined enough in the last year. I look forward to 'I heart my blog" month.

    1. Awesome, Monica! Thanks for sharing your goals, and good luck as you work on revising and revitalizing your tagline!


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