17 January 2014

i ♥ my blog: “i want to go to there” – five sites to visit to make your blog awesome(-er)

I ♥ My Blog: Five Sites to Visit to Make Your Blog Awesome
In case you’re wondering why this Friday’s post is so late, you can thank a fellow reader. I had a post on a few great articles on blogging all ready to go … and then I got an email with a kind of unique question. The question, from a new blogger, started out simple enough: “Why is your site so awesome?” And while I was all kinds of humbled by that question (and assumed “awesome” was used in the same way some of my students used to tell me my lecture outlines were awesome, as in “helpful,” not necessarily “cool”), the writer went on to ask: “And where do I go to make my site awesome?”

So for a few hours today I went hunting.

To be honest, the answer to both questions is: You. My site is “awesome” because my readers—you—are awesome, and you keep me on my toes! Your site will be awesome when you look into that same awesome you and find what it is that makes you awesome. But, knowing this isn’t the answer you (or the questioner) are looking for, here are a few great sites to visit to help your blog become awesome.


A Writer’s Bucket List by DIY Writing is an amazing resource for getting yourself motivated to write this year! This site is chop full of helpful tools, prompts, resources, and more to help you “find your path” as you free-fall into writing. And why are you free-falling, you may wonder? Because DIY Writing will all but literally push you out of the writing nest. Go there once you’re ready to step your first bold steps out of your comfort zone, and get ready for an amazing ride!

how to be legendary

“You cannot fail. You can only quit.” This manifesto from Johnny B Truant is yet another kick in the pants. While not expressly for bloggers and writers, it’s definitely a must read for anyone hoping to get their own butts in gear and knock out some major goals. The site is merely a landing page to download a free copy of the manifesto, but it’s definitely worth a visit, and an entering of your email, and a clicking of a “Submit” button.


Copyblogger is a site full of valuable information designed to help you provide valuable information. In their own words, Copyblogger works to teach people “how to create killer online content … that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.” With phenomenal (and frequent!) articles on writing tips, valuable writers to watch, and more, they are an invaluable resource for figuring out how to do this online writing thing. Sign up for their mailing list and you’ll get instant access to all their “fresh Copyblogger knowledge” as soon as it’s available. Even if you’re not thinking about content marketing just yet (and even if you have no idea what that is), I’d still recommend bookmarking the site.

writer's market

Writer’s Market is a publication of Writer’s Digest, and it is … have I used awesome too much yet? Well, it’s awesome.  If you click on the “Author Advice” tab on the home page, you’ll be taken to the blog, where you’ll find tons of great tips for your writing. Right now, Writer’s Market editor Robert Lee Brewer (who is also, in a word, awesome) is sharing a “Get Started Write” Challenge with daily tips and tasks designed to help you really cultivate your pursuit of your writing dreams. As Robert points out in one of the first posts of the challenge, while January is “a month when many people start chasing their writing dreams … most don’t keep it up into February.” Visit the Writer’s Market page, and start catching up on the Get Started Write Challenge, to really make this year work for your writing!

the (nearly) ultimate guide to better writing

Here’s another free download, this time from Write to Done. This helpful resource will give you daily inspiration for your writing, help you figure out how to get started on your next writing project, and how to cross the finish line strong. Signing up on the page linked above will grant you both access to the guide and regular updates from Write to Done that are amazing. If you’re not feeling particularly motivated, check out Write to Done. If you think your writing needs improvement, check out Write to Done. If you’re a writer, check out Write to Done. Seriously. Go there. Check it.

Your Turn: Where are your favorite places to go to get writerly inspiration? Who do you turn to? What makes them awesome? Share your tips and go-to’s in the comments below!


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