24 January 2014

blogger gold: the ten commandments of blogging

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Just this past December, Stanford Smith, the marketing director at Pushing Social, shared "The 10 Commandments of Blogging" at PR Daily. Smith's tips include the importance of building an email list, having a great looking blog, and using social media wisely. Check them out at the link below:

Your Turn: What are your top "commandments" for blogging? What are the rules you always hold to with your writing? Share your tips, rules, and blogging "commandments" in the comments below! 

Bonus Task: Think about your blog's topic or niche and come up with a "ten commandments" for that subject! (It doesn't have to be a ten commandments list ... it could be a top five list of tips, or a top seven rules for achieving this or that within your topic. Remember, these are the types of posts that tend to be evergreen, so have at it!)


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