30 December 2013

countdown to new year's: round 3 -- lightning round!

Countdown to New Year's: Round 3 -- Lightning Round!
As always, it's hard to believe such a broad and diverse pool of poets has been narrowed down from 24 to just six in a few short weeks ... Nonetheless, it has happened, and after tabulating votes from Round 2, we are down to six poets vying for a New Year's kiss! Today (yes, you read correctly ... in one day!), we'll be whittling it down even further, so that by tomorrow (New Year's Eve, if you can believe it!) we'll be down to just THREE phenomenal poets competing for the (maybe not so grand) prize!

Here's how Round 3 will work: Rather than date pairings, you'll be presented with a list the six "[lines] that says 'I love you'" from each of the advancing poets. You'll then see a poll in which you should vote for your top three line picks to move on to Round 4!

Remember: votes should be based on the poems, not so much on the poets themselves (that, in part, is why no names are listed, though by now I'm sure many of you can figure it out!) ... though, naturally, some personal preference will still slip its way in. Once you've voted, check out the "Your Turn" section for another opportunity to earn entries into the Countdown to New Year's Grand Prize Book Drawing!

Ready? Let's get started. Without further ado, the winner's are (in alphabetical order based on the first word in the line) ...

“And often she wishes that, when they were born, / She had named one of them Bodkin Van Horn” 

“Believe in the swinging sounds of jazz, / Tearing the night into intricate shreds” 

“I held you for a year, / Persistent as a tongue” 

“She to whom this world must it self refer, / As suburbs or the microcosm of her”

“Thunder blossoms gorgeously above our heads”

“Who will you be tonight, in the dark thrall / Of sleep, when you have slipped across its wall?” 

Ready to vote?! Here's the poll!

Which 3 "lines that says 'I love you'" speak to you most? (Select 3)
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Your Turn: Once you've shared your vote, answer the following questions for three more entries into the book drawing:
1.) Which line above is your least favorite? Why?
2.) If you could have a New Year's double date with any two poets from the challenge, who would you choose? (Click here for the full list)
3.) What are you doing New Year's Eve? Which poet do you think you'd have the most fun doing that with?


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Check out Round 2 of the Our Lost Jungle Countdown to New Year's:


  1. I guess this line: "“She to whom this world must it self refer, / As suburbs or the microcosm of her” doesn't sound like love to me. But, neither does “And often she wishes that, when they were born, / She had named one of them Bodkin Van Horn.”

    Seuss and Nash

    What am I doing? Writing in the NY with Wordsmith Studio, of course! And I'd do it with those two fella's right up there--S and N.

  2. “And often she wishes that, when they were born, / She had named one of them Bodkin Van Horn” just doesn't sound poetic to me so it gets the honour of least favourite from me.

    Any two poets? Well, since I get to pick from all of them...I get to put good old Ferlinghetti back in and I would, but I'd pair him with Kenneth Koch and take them both to Times Square to see what both of them would make of that madness...Hopefully we could manage a spot at the Top of the Rock or some other vantage point slightly above the chaos; I'd love to hear what gems would spill from the highly cyncial Ferlinghetti, and the less known-to-me Koch, after that experience. (I just returned from a week in NYC and we stayed literally on the Square so I'll be watching with more curiosity than usual this year, on my TV, with the other billion souls apparently...as the ball, made of Swarovski crystals descends...)


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