01 October 2013

the october submit-o-rama: big world meets your words

Welcome to the October Submit-O-Rama!
Today is the first day of October. Autumn has officially begun, which means that nice crispness is in the air. The days are getting darker, the air is getting cooler ... and dozens of literary journals are stocking their offices with tea, coffee, and probably a few "more adult beverages" as they open their doors to thousands of submissions. Which means, simultaneously, that thousands of writers are printing pages, licking envelopes, and filling out countless submission forms ... and crossing their fingers.

And guess what? You're going to be one of them.

Today marks the first day of the October Submit-O-Rama, a challenge aimed at helping writers overcome the fear of the submission process and get their work into the world. This month is your chance to take the big plunge into the publishing world. Today is a beginning ... but it is also an end.

Today is the last day you can make excuses for not getting your work out there.

Today is the last day you can tell yourself you'll never be published.

Today is the last day you let that story, play, poem, or essay sit in a drawer unread by any eyes but your own.

Today is the last day you let fear stop you from being the fierce writing wonder we both know you can be.

Check out the Submit-O-Rama event page (at the top of the screen) for more details on how to take part in this exciting event, as well as a link to frequently asked questions about the challenge. I've worked up six unique challenges for you to choose from ... including one that lets you set your own rules for how you reach your Submit-O-Rama goals! All you really have to do is submit as much as you can this month. Stay tuned for posts offering up several options of places to submit, pep talks, and tips on managing your submission process! Feel free to join in on Facebook or in the Our Lost Jungle Community Forums, where some of your fellow submit-o-rammers will be sharing their experiences, good news, tips, and more. If you ever have questions or need help, feel free to shoot me an email at ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com, or through the Contact tab at the top of the screen! Happy writing, believe in yourself, and good luck!


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Check out the six Our Lost Jungle Submit-O-Rama Challenge!:


  1. What is this magic you hold? I see Khara in my inbox, coupled with submit, and I head for the files, glancing nervously over my shoulder, as if you might burst through the door, at any moment. First poem in.

    1. That's fantastic, Margo ... a little scary, but fantastic :) Good luck!!


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