30 October 2013

submit-o-rama: the final word

October Submit-O-Rama: The Final Word

Oh, you thought there was going to be more than one final word? Okay, I'll appease.

You must persevere.

To be a writer, you must persevere.

To be a published author, you must persevere.

To overcome your fear of rejection, you must persevere.

And here's another one: To finish the Submit-O-Rama as a success, to win, to truly understand the purpose of this month-long marathon of submitting your work to eager editors ... you must simply persevere.

If you submitted thirty times, you persevered. If you submitted fifteen times, you persevered. If you submitted once, you persevered. If you didn't submit at all, but wrote something new, you persevered. If you didn't do any of the above, but have plans to kick the submission monster in the rear next month, or two months from now, or next spring, you're persevering.

Perseverance in the life of a writer looks different for each of us. The key isn't to always succeed. It's to always try. If you tried, at all, even once, this Submit-O-Rama, I applaud you.

And in case you're thinking, "That's easy for you to say, you host this thing, of course you won" ... I just admitted to a group of writer friends the other night in a public online forum the total number of submissions I made this month: One. I wrote three new poems (none of which I submitted). I wrote every post for this month (and, in case you didn't notice, skipped a few days). I also started sketching a novel for NaNoWriMo, drew my first pictures in over a year, started to dabble at the piano again, and ultimately simply woke up my creative gene again. Maybe that's all I needed this month. Maybe all you needed was to face down a list of journals and say, "I'm not afraid of you" ... even if you didn't submit to a single one of them.


The final step of the Submit-O-Rama is to send an email to ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com with the name of the challenge you attempted, and whether or not you completed the challenge. If you completed your challenge, kudos! If not, you still participated, and that's awesome! Everyone who participated will receive a certificate of participation (and everyone who completed their challenge will receive an additional certificate of completion), so make sure you make note of how you'd like your name to appear on your certificate! You have until 11:59 pm tomorrow (October 31, 2013) to send out submissions and count them as part of the challenge, so keep going! You have until Friday, November 8th, to submit your information for a certificate! Good luck, and ... Congratulations!


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