19 October 2013

a to z presses: o – u

OLJ Submit-O-Rama: A to Z Presses (O - U)
On Fridays throughout the Submit-O-Rama, the focus of Our Lost Jungle will be on great literary journals and presses seeking your work. For folks doing any of the challenges, by the end of the month we will have covered one journal per letter of the alphabet! That means, if you submit to all of the journals covered in the A to Z series, you’ll have submitted at least 26 times! This week’s A to Z Presses series post covers “O” through “U.”

(Note: Be sure to carefully read each journal’s submission guidelines and process instructions before sending in your submission packets!)

origami journal

About: “Like the art of origami, Origami Journal reflects the human ability to take something ‘ordinary’, like a piece of paper, and transform it into something extraordinary. Published quarterly in winter, spring, summer, and fall, Origami seeks to bring together creative minds and stimulate the imagination.”

Website: http://origamijournal.com/submit/

painted bride quarterly

About: Established in Philadelphia in 1973, PBQ is “one of the country’s longest running literary magazines. PBQ is a community-based, independent, non-profit literary magazine published quarterly online and annually in print, making it accessible to a broad and diverse audience. This hybrid format allows for immediacy, accessibility and permanence simultaneously.”

Website: http://pbq.drexel.edu/submit/

the quotable

About: The Quotable is “a quarterly online and print magazine showcasing tomorrow’s quote-worthy authors.  Each issue will feature short stories, essays, poetry and artwork based on a specific theme and quote.” The current theme is “Courage & Cowardice.”

Website: https://thequotablelit.submittable.com/submit

the rag

About: The mission of The Rag is “to seek out powerful new literary voices and bring them to light. We see electronic publishing as an opportunity to turn back time to an era of affordable distribution and open competition, and it allows us to reach a broader audience and inject new life into the literary market.” (Note: This is a paying publication with a small reading fee for online submissions.)

Website: https://raglitmag.submittable.com/submit

the safety pin review

About: This is probably one of the most unique journal concepts I’ve come across lately! The Safety Pin Review is “a biweekly literary magazine featuring work of fewer than 30 words, with a major D.I.Y. twist: in addition to being published online, each piece is hand-painted onto a cloth back patch, which is attached (via safety pins) to one of our operatives—a collective network of authors, punks, thieves, and anarchists—who wear it everywhere they go for a week.” They are looking for “literary quality, hard-hitting stories with an afterburn.”

Website: http://safetypinreview.com/submission-guidelines/


About:Tendril Literary Magazine is an online collection of poetry, short fiction, and other words published with the seasons.” (Note: Tendril offers a free submission or a submission with a $5 fee for “editor feedback.” While most of us like submitting for free, this is also a rare opportunity to hear direct from an editor what did or did not work in your submission/writing.)

Website: https://tendrilmag.submittable.com/submit

under the gum tree

About: Under the Gum Tree is a journal of creative nonfiction. It is “a storytelling project, publishing creative nonfiction in the form of a micro-magazine. We believe in the power of sharing a story without shame. Too much of the human experience gets hidden behind constructed facades based on what we perceive the world expects from us. Stop hiding. Live a story. Tell it without shame. And by without shame, we mean that the authors and contributors featured in our pages own their story, even the ugly parts, and share it with pure, unadulterated, raw, candid vulnerability.”

Website: http://underthegumtree.com/submit/


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