11 October 2013

a to z presses: h – n

OLJ Submit-O-Rama: A to Z Presses (H - N)
On Fridays throughout the Submit-O-Rama, the focus of Our Lost Jungle will be on great literary journals and presses seeking your work. For folks doing any of the challenges, by the end of the month we will have covered one journal per letter of the alphabet! That means, if you submit to all of the journals covered in the A to Z series, you’ll have submitted at least 26 times! This week’s A to Z Presses series post covers “H” through “N.”

(Note: Some of the journals in this edition only accept mailed submissions. Be sure to carefully read each journal’s submission guidelines and process instructions! As a few of them suggest, you may also want to check out at least one archived copy to get a feel for the journal before submitting.)

h.o.w. journal

About: H.O.W. Journal is “an art & literary journal that publishes an eclectic mix of today’s prominent writers and artists alongside upcoming talents with an effort to raise money and awareness for the approximately 163 million children throughout the world that have been orphaned. The publication features works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry as well as visual arts.” H.O.W. pays for publication rights ($100 minimum for written submissions), and requests (but does not demand outright) a $5 donation payable to Helping Orphans Worldwide; all submission proceeds directly support the orphanage H.O.W. is working with at the time!

Website: http://www.howjournal.com/submit-guidelines.html#writers 


About: Image Journal “speaks with equal force and relevance to the secular culture and to the church. By finding fresh ways for the imagination to embody religious truth and religious experience, Image challenges believers and nonbelievers alike.” Image asks writers who wish to submit to first read the journal to “get an idea for the type and range of material we publish.”

Website: http://imagejournal.org/page/about/submission-guidelines

the journal

About: “The award-winning literary journal of The Ohio State University, The Journal contributes significantly toward the literary landscape of Ohio and the nation. The Journal seeks to identify and encourage emerging writers while also attracting the work of established writers to create a diverse and compelling magazine. The Journal has recently had poems reproduced in the Best American Poetry anthology.”

Website: http://thejournalmag.org/submit


About: Knee-Jerk is a journal of fiction and creative nonfiction. The hope of the journal is “to evoke conversations that bring everyone a little closer together, that make the literary world a little smaller. And a little bigger.”

Website: http://kneejerkmag.com/contact-submit/

the lascaux review

About: The Lascaux Review “provides a showcase for emerging and established writers and artists. Lascaux (rhymes with ‘Bordeaux’) conducts annual contests in fiction, poetry, and flash fiction.”

Website: http://lascauxreview.com/submissions/

the macguffin

About: The MacGuffin is a national literary magazine published three times a year. The mission of The MacGuffin is “to encourage, support, and enhance the literary arts in the Schoolcraft College community, the region, the state, and the nation. By fulfilling its role as a national literary journal, The MacGuffin brings national and international prestige to Schoolcraft College. It is our main vehicle for our contribution to literary excellence.”

Website: www.schoolcraft.edu/macguffin/submit.asp

nano fiction

About: NANO Fiction is a journal of flash fiction (300 words or fewer). The journal is looking for work “that experiments with form while still balancing narrative. We are interested in stories we haven’t read before,  stories we think we are tired of reading–but are told in such in a new way that we gain fresh insights, writing remain attentive to language and lyricism without abandoning story, and work that surprise us–but not by using a trick ending. We also are looking for writing that takes unexpected perspectives on commonly-seen stories.”

Website: http://nanofiction.org/submit

Good Luck!


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