04 October 2013

a to z presses: a – g

OLJ Submit-O-Rama: A to Z Presses (A - G)
On Fridays throughout the Submit-O-Rama, the focus of Our Lost Jungle will be on great literary journals and presses seeking your work. For folks doing any of the challenges, by the end of the month we will have covered one journal per letter of the alphabet! That means if you submit to all of the journals covered in the A to Z series, you’ll have submitted at least 26 times!

While in the past the A to Z Presses series contained more detail, this October there are only four Fridays in the month … which means we have to cover more journals in less space. While the details are more limited, each listing still includes a description of the journal (as provided by the journal itself) and a link to the submission page where you can get more details. I’m no longer sharing the submission periods, but any journal shared this month is currently seeking submissions.

As a note getting started, some of the journals listed may be dedicated to specific groups, genders, ethnicities/cultures, etc. These are included not out of an attempt to exclude anyone, but in order to bring a little more exposure to journals targeting less-represented groups. They tend to be a little harder to find, and so deserve a little attention now.


About: Arcadia makes sure to let folks know right away, they are “not that literary journal that pumps out the same magazine issue after issue.  We do not ascribe to a certain aesthetic, nor do we expect that you do.” In terms of what they publish, they note only that: “We want to see your very best work.  Novella, short story, poem, painting, photograph, stand-up comedy routine, album, short film, mockumentary, epic poem about the Dukes of Hazzard, we don't care.  We want to see it, read it, hear it, and love it.  If it kicks ass, we will find a way to publish it.”

Website: http://www.arcadiamagazine.org/submissions.html

the barefoot review

About: The Barefoot Review publishes “original written work [poetry and prose] by people who have or have had physical difficulties in their lives, from cancer to seizures, Alzheimer's to Lupus. It is also a place for caretakers, families, significant others and friends to write about their experiences and relationships to the person. They are a vital part to being able to live with an illness.”

Website: http://www.barefootreview.org/submit.html

cactus heart

About: Cactus Heart is a literary journal seeking “new and original poetry, fiction, nonfiction, book reviews, art & photography. We want spiny writing & art—sharp, relentless, coursing with energy and able to thrive in the harshest of places, all while maintaining a vulnerable, succulent interior. Make us swoon.”

Website: http://www.cactusheartpress.com/submit/


About: Dogwood is an annual national literary journal of poetry and prose. Regarding what they’re looking for, their masthead keeps things simple: “We want to like your writing, plain and simple. We find ourselves drawn to writing rich in detail, peopled with characters that move like living things, taking place in rooms and towns that smell and taste as real as the places we might have been. We like writing that evokes emotion and response, that makes something in us shiver and say, ‘I’ve been there,’ even if that ‘there’ is a lonely Wednesday on the Moon.”

Website: http://dogwoodliterary.com/submissions/


About: Extract(s) seeks submissions of poetry, stories, novel/memoir/collection excerpts, and work for their “Mid-Week-features.” The journal “features bite-sized literature in surprising forms. We don’t want to be your everything, but we do want to be one thing that makes your day more interesting. Drop by for a few minutes every day. We’ll give you something to think about.”

Website: http://dailydoseoflit.com/submit-to-extracts/


About: Feile-Festa is an annual publication published each spring with a preference for “creative work related to Irish and Italian/Sicilian themes,” though they are “open to other Mediterranean cultures, all of which can relate to the respective country of family origin or the diasporas to America, Canada, etc. We are also interested in writing that evokes life in New York City.” The journal is published by the Mediterranean Celtic Cultural Association and Paradiso-Parthas Press.

Website: http://www.medcelt.org/feile-festa/submissions.html

gone lawn

About: Gone Lawn seeks “well-crafted, innovative, unusual and/or daring works [of fiction, prose, prose poetry (not verse), visual narrative, and other media] that walk the difficult landscapes and ruin the safe ones, works which incite surprising and unexpected feelings and thoughts.”

Website: http://journal.gonelawn.net/glj_submit.php


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  1. I found these journals to be delightfully creative. CactusHeart Press especially caught my eye and I submitted three poems to them today. Thanks for your gentle nudges Khara!


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