20 September 2013

the our lost jungle poetry form challenge: challenge #7 results

OLJ Poetry Form Challenge: Challenge #7 Results
Oh, what's that? It's Friday? I guess that means it's time for the results of Challenge 7, isn't it?!

This week's challenge was all about OULIPO ... experimentation in literature through formula and self-imposed constraints. A lot of you chose to try the N+7 technique, which is always fun, whether you recognize the original poem or not. Some of you created your own OULIPO forms, which is also fantastic because it means you're taking poetic experimentation to "the next level," in which you delve--sometimes intentionally, and sometimes, admittedly, not--into uncharted waters and let them carry you where they will!

This week's challenge winner is Hannah Gosselin, who took on the ever-difficult palindrome style. It's never easy to get a poem to read forwards and backwards and still make sense, and often even when it's done it turns into a somewhat silly affair of poetry. But in Hannah's case, she bravely tackled a personal subject and emphasized the emotional weight of her subject through the form. You can read Hannah's poem here: "How Are You? Hope You're Finding The Time to Smile"

Congratulations to all, and have a great weekend as we get ready to take on the last two poetic form tasks of this summer challenge!


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  1. Khara!! Wow. Thank you, so much...I'm honored deeply. This was difficult on many levels and I almost didn't post it but I'm so glad that I did...having people like you recognize the layers in there makes it worth it. Thank you for your challenges and these Saturday features...it's so nice to see fellow poets highlighted each week! :)'s to all!

  2. Three outta four but the palindrome was impossible for me. I am applauding - a standing ovation, Hannah! Way to go!


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