02 June 2013

30x30: day 2. slumber

Today is Day 2 of the Our Lost Jungle Thirty-By-Thirty Challenge, a challenge designed to help writers and artists foster the habit of engaging in creativity regularly. Whether you are an artist, musician, writer, or other creative type, this challenge is for you.

Each day in June will feature a prompt to help inspire you. Take on the prompt, or follow your own creative path! Please feel free to share your work here, post links to your work on your own blog or website, or just follow along (and share your progress)!

day 2. slumber

Today's prompt is "Slumber." Try to capture the sensation of sleepiness, or sleeplessness, through your work. If you’re writing, try making a list of “slumbering words” and use them in your work: slumbering words are words dealing with sleep, but also words with soft sounds (think s, f, w, soft a’s, and long o’s). If you’re creating art, try using slumbering colors: cool colors like purples, blues, greys, deep shades of red and green, etc. If you’re cooking, work with comfort foods. Good luck!


Inspirational Quote: "You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ~Dr. Seuss


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  1. Good prompt! I'm looking forward to working with this one. (Speaking of slumber, shouldn't we both be in bed?)

    1. Creativity never sleeps! :) But ... yes, we probably should. Ha-ha, have fun with the prompt, Linda! :D

  2. love that seuss quote. i remember feeling that way! :) but now, i sleep! i love him, but i'm getting old. lol.

  3. Sleep was not kind to me last night. I pulled the muscle along neck and left shoulder -- how on earth do you suppose? I have written a poem, however. Two done.

  4. Aaaaaand some days, I will (apparently) still simply be writing a poem. ;)

  5. 'Nother one:

  6. http://dianaterrill.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/slumber/

  7. Thanks to all the quote lovers and sleepless wonders :) I'm heading over to your pages now to check out your work!

  8. Oh, to write of slumber now that I'm awake... this is a sick joke, isn't it?


  9. Missed the start of the challenge, but I'm not losing slezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....



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