19 June 2013

30x30: day 19. “my better half”

Today is Day 19 of the Our Lost Jungle Thirty-By-Thirty Challenge, a challenge designed to help writers and artists foster the habit of engaging in creativity regularly. Whether you are an artist, musician, writer, or other creative type, this challenge is for you.

Each day in June will feature a prompt to help inspire you. Take on the prompt, or follow your own creative path! Please feel free to share your work here, post links to your work on your own blog or website, or just follow along (and share your progress)!

day 19. “my better half”

What does it mean to have a “better half”? It’s a somewhat bizarre saying, with the intended implication that someone “completes” you or perhaps complements your personality and traits. But for my part, I’ve always found it a little too bizarre: the idea that if you have a better half, you’re either suffering from one very meager side, or incomplete to begin with. A “better” half implies a “worse” half. But that’s just because I overthink sayings like this (just think how horrifying a stitch in time could really be). Today, spend some time overthinking this saying yourself. What does it mean to you to have a better half? Who is your better half? Who is the better half of a character you’re working on? (For a husband, it might be his wife, but for Batman it could be his Joker.) What is the better half of a recipe? Create the character. Make the dish. Write the duet. Paint the picture. Overthink the saying … see what comes of it for you (or the better half of your brain)! 


Inspirational Quote: “If there is ‘better,’ then there is a best.’ If there is ‘half,’ then there is a ‘complete.’ Far more than being a ‘better half,’ you can be a ‘best complete’; like a word/phrase that beautifies and gives meaning to a sentence when it is added.” ~Olaotan Fawehinmi


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  1. This one covers Day 18 and 19, although I might try for another 19 tomorrow.


  2. http://dianaterrill.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/sinisterbetter-half/

  3. I have to admit it's getting better...


  4. http://whimsygizmo.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/better-half/


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