01 May 2013

submit-o-rama: welcome (pep talk i)

Welcome to the May Submit-O-Rama!
Today is the official launch day of the May Submit-O-Rama, and I am so excited to welcome those of you who are participating in this submission adventure!


For those who are new to the Submit-O-Rama, this is a challenge designed to get writers out of the cabin and into the woods. We love sitting at the computer or with a notebook or at our typewriters and getting that

For the May Submit-O-Rama, because we’re so close to Summer, we’re going “camping.” Since this is a jungle, and not a forest, I suppose we’re really going on more of an expedition than a camping trip … but no matter. The basics are the same. We are a group of friends coming together to support each other on an adventure into the writing world. We’ll be living, writing, struggling, succeeding, and tackling fallen trees and quick sand together. We’ve selected, albeit somewhat arbitrarily, our tent-mates: once you’ve selected your Submit-O-Rama challenge, you will have put yourself in a small group within a larger tribe. We’ve filled our canteens and packs with the supplies we need: the ink, the pages, the time, the chutzpah. We’re ready to begin.

:the perils:

But with any trip out into the jungle, as with any camp adventure, we know there are always those things we fear. We don’t exactly know the people we’re journeying with, and that can be a little scary. It’s hard to share success with people we don’t know … it’s even harder to share setbacks when we see other people making leaps and bounds forward! We also know there’s a lot of setbacks we can face. With submissions comes the risk of rejection … and that’s hard. And of course, there’s homesickness: that realization that while we find some pleasure in the act of submitting, if we’re honest we’d probably rather be back in the writing nook. It can be scary, and it can definitely be hard.

:the perks:

The good news is … You’re not in it alone. Despite the fact that you might not know everyone in your tent, the fact of the matter is, you’ve got a small group of writers who are right there with you! Whether you’re one of ten people doing the same challenge or the only one who selected a particular challenge, you’ve got support from everyone participating! There are forums set up for each challenge: make use of them! I’ve already started a few forum threads to help you get the conversation started, but you can start any conversations you’d like. Share tips and resources. Share successes and rejection stories. Share a funny thing that happened to you on the way to the grocery store. Just get talking to each other, and spread the love! And of course, I’m here for you. You’ll find me most in posts here and the Facebook event page … but I’m here if you have questions, need resources, or just want to talk about how it’s going.

:the plan:

Here are some things to keep in mind as we do:

1. Pack Well. If you come into the Submit-O-Rama with only one thing to submit, you might find you run out of fuel pretty quickly. I recommend having a few submission “packs”: maybe three sets of five poems you can mix and match and adjust for each journal, or five stories to choose from. Start picking out possibilities early so you can focus on journal-hunting rather than piece-hunting!

2. Make Friends. Start talking with the people who are participating in the same challenge as you. If you’re the only one taking on a challenge, go ahead and “hop tents”: I’m sure the other challengers won’t mind! Support each other with encouragement, and remember: We’ve all been there, or we all will be there.

3. Pack Snacks. One big thing that helps with a challenge like this is having rewards in place for yourself (my favorite: private dance party). If you meet your submission goals for the week, brag about it! Plan out what you’ll do to treat yourself as a way of self-congratulations for meeting a goal. And keep those treats in place even if you start getting rejections. Even if every piece you submit this time around gets rejected, you’ve accomplished something just by putting it out there. And remember: It takes a road paved with a thousand “No”s to reach the landmark of a single “Yes.”

So, let’s get started. Let’s grab our gear, tighten our shoelaces, and start submitting!
latest writerly itch scratched out on the page. It’s much harder, however, to get up from our writing nooks and get that writing out into the wild world. So getting into the jungle and striking out to find a path of our own to publication, and all the excitement that comes with it, is what the Submit-O-Rama is all about.

Ready ...

Set ...



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  1. One just sent...

    Happy May Day to us!

    1. Way to get it launched, Margo! (And happy May Day to you, too) :)

  2. Looking forward to it! Thanks, Khara!

  3. Always pack food. Always have food handy. This is the gist for submissions, right? Or life in general?

    j/k - I'm super excited about this. Just got my 1st submission in this morning.


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