27 May 2013

reading, ‘riting, and rejection slips: how to handle rejection

Last week we talked briefly about the importance of rewarding yourself even when you face rejection from a literary magazine. Today, I want to share my way of dealing with rejection … and encourage you to share yours!

rejection art

I’ve talked about this on Our Lost Jungle before, but nothing makes me feel better about a rejection more than making some rejection art. The process of taking a rejection slip that seems to say my work wasn’t good enough, and turning it into a little piece of art that seems to say how great my work is … well, it’s just my little way of reminding myself not to take it too personally. Okay, okay, it’s also my way of telling myself how great I am despite what some editor said. Whatever works, right?!

So here’s a piece I created just recently (as in, this month, during the SOR!) from a form rejection:

Rejection Art: Turn Downs Turned Up :)

now you

Rather than go on about how great it is to learn to handle rejection, I’d like to open the floor for you! How do you handle rejection? What do you do when it feels particularly bad? Share your experiences, and share some encouragement for some fellow writers who may be going through it themselves, below!


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