31 May 2013

a to z presses: u – z

Submit-O-Rama: A to Z Presses (U to Z)
On Fridays throughout the Submit-O-Rama, the focus of Our Lost Jungle will be on great literary journals and presses seeking your work. For folks doing any of the challenges, by the end of the month we will have covered one journal per letter of the alphabet! That means, if you submit to all of the journals covered in the A to Z series, you’ll have submitted at least 26 times!

This final week’s journals cover letters “U” through “Z.” Grab your submission packets and get ready to hit that “Send” button!

union station magazine

About: “Designed off the image of a train station with many tracks extending outward, Union Station has a distinct urban aesthetic. We seek to be inclusive, to put into relation the many narratives, images, and voices that are redefining our landscape.”

Submission Process: Poets may submit no more than five previously unpublished poems submitted in a single document. Prose authors may submit one piece of prose up to 4,000 words. All submissions should include the author’s name on the submission. The editors note that in regards to prose, they will not accept genre fiction (horror, erotica, romance, sci-fi, etc.) or miscellany (interviews, letters, lists, reviews, etc.). Visual artists and photographers may submit six submissions at a time submitted as JPEGs (600 pixels wide at 72 dpi). All submissions should include a short bio of “no more than the 150 most important words we (and the world) should know about you.” For more on Union Station’s submission guidelines, visit their Submit page.

Reading Period: Year round, query after 90 days

Website: Visit Union Station online at www.unionstationmag.com 


About: Vandal is “a literary/arts journal for transformative social change born from an urgency to highlight works that disrupt, challenge, and engage how we see and participate in the world. It aims to create bridges across our differences using art and nurtures a critical and creative community.”

Submission Process: Vandal is seeking submissions for its issue themed “Numerous,” based on Georg Cantor’s “set theory—the branch of mathematics that studies collections of objects”; writers and artists should submit works that “provocatively engage the theme of numbers.” As far as their submission guidelines, Vandal only indicates, “We’re still figuring that out.” However, authors who have read past editions of the journal, believe their work aligns with the journal’s mission, and believe they have work that “answers to [editor] Nelly Rosario’s call” may send the editors an email with the subject NUMBERS ISSUE, (GENRE of your work (fiction, art, etc.)). Vandal does not accept simultaneous submissions. For more scoop, visit Vandal’s FAQ page.

Reading Period: Vandal does not list a reading period, but writers should check for current themes and calls for submissions before sending in work

Website: Visit Vandal online at www.vandaljournal.com 

wag's revue

About: Wag’s Revue is an online literary quarterly featuring the “waggish luminaries of our day.”

Submission Process: Submissions are accepted only via Wag’s Revue’s Submittable page. Simultaneous submissions are welcome. To access Wag’s Revue’s Submittable page for full guidelines for submissions, visit their Submit page.

Reading Period: Open reading periods held from March through May and September through November

Website: Visit Wag’s Revue online at www.wagsrevue.com  


About: Xenith is a literary webzine that “lives at the crossroads of literature and digital culture.” It was created in 1997 by “a bored 16-year-old,” but since then has “grown up” so to speak to develop into a journal dedicated to “writing that startles.”

Submission Process: The editors “love fiction that moves,” and consider fiction of no more than 5,000 words. They also love “strong, memorable poems, regardless of how they come out on the page”; poets may submit up to 5 poems, and no more than 250 lines total. Xenith will consider nonfiction that is not “transparently institutional,” with book reviews up to 1,500 words and essays/nonfiction of 5,000 words or less. All submissions should be made in standard .doc format. For more on Xenith’s submission guidelines, visit their Submissions page.

Reading Period: None listed, so submitters may assume a rolling reading period

Website: Visit Xenith online at www.xenith.net 


About: Yemassee is a bi-annual literary journal sponsored by the University of South Carolina’s MFA creative writing program. The journal seeks “quality submissions of fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction. We love good writing, and we’re always hoping to find fresh, new voices to publish alongside established authors.”

Submission Process: All submissions should include a cover letter listing the titles of the works submitted and the author’s contact information. Fiction should be 5,000 words or less, and poets may submit 3-5 poems (in a single document). Artists may submit up to five pieces attached separately (printed in black and white). For more on Yemassee’s submission guidelines, visit their Submissions page.

Reading Period: Yemassee reads year round

Website: Visit Yemassee online at www.yemasseejournalonline.org  

zoetrope: all-story

About: True fact … I literally did a spit-take on my computer when I discovered that Zoetrope was launched by Francis Ford Coppola. In his letter to readers, Coppola explains, “Zoetrope is a magazine concentrating on short fiction … I do hope that this publication will form a bridge to storytellers at large, encouraging them to work in the natural format of a short story.”

Submission Process: Writers can submit only one story at a time and no more than two stories a year. Short stories and one-act plays submitted should be no longer than 7,000 words. Excerpts from longer works, screenplays, and treatments are not accepted, and will be returned unread; the same goes for poetry. For more on Zoetrope’s submission guidelines, visit their Guidelines page.

Reading Period: Zoetrope reads year round, but does not accept submissions between September 1 and December 31

Website: Visit Zoetrope: All-Story online at www.all-story.com

Good Luck!


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