24 May 2013

a to z presses: p – t

May Submit-O-Rama: A to Z Presses (P to T)
On Fridays throughout the Submit-O-Rama, the focus of Our Lost Jungle will be on great literary journals and presses seeking your work. For folks doing any of the challenges, by the end of the month we will have covered one journal per letter of the alphabet! That means, if you submit to all of the journals covered in the A to Z series, you’ll have submitted at least 26 times!

This week’s journals cover letters “P” through “T.” Grab your submission packets and get ready to hit that “Send” button!

prime mincer

About: Prime Mincer is a print journal published three-times per year: March 15, July 15, and November 15. PM desires “solid, well-crafted and intelligent work,” and notes that beyond that they are “very open minded as far as form and style.” According to PM, “Our hope is to push the creative envelope, give artists a place to take risks, and to bring a fresh, modern feel to the world of creative writing.” Prime Mincer encourages submissions from established writers, though they also note that they are “excited at the prospect of getting first dibs on new talent.”

Submission Process: Fiction and creative nonfiction submissions may be up to 7,500 words in length; graphic narratives may be up to 25 pages. Poets may submit up to three pieces at a time, while prose writers should submit one piece at a time. Prime Mincer notes that their print size is 6x9, so keep that in mind when submitting! For more on their submission guidelines, visit their Submit page.

Reading Period: None listed, so you may assume reading is done on a rolling basis—keep in mind, however, that the next publication is due to print in July!

Website: Visit Prime Mincer online at www.primemincer.com  


About: Quiddity is a “multimedia arts venue featuring an international literary journal (print and audio), a public-radio program, and a visiting writer and artist series” produced by Benedictine University. The print journal is published semi-annually and “features exemplary prose, poetry, and artwork from emerging and established writers and artists around the world. International submissions are encouraged.” Note the significance of the word “quiddity”: it is a word meaning “the real nature or essence of a thing; that which makes it what it is” … so you may want to keep that in mind when submitting as an inspirational “key”!

Submission Process: For the literary journal, prose writers may submit one work of up to 5,000 words; poets may submit up to five poems, with no more than ten pages total. All submissions should include a cover letter. The author’s name should appear on the first page of the work in prose and on each page of the work in poetry. There is an online submission fee of $3.50 … which means you may want to submit hard copies instead (see the website for the address). For more on Quiddity’s submission process, visit their Submissions page.

Reading Period: None listed, so writers may assume rolling

Website: Visit Quiddity online at www.quidditylit.com

the rag

About: The mission of The Rag is “to seek out powerful new literary voices and bring them to light. We see electronic publishing as an opportunity to turn back time to an era of affordable distribution and open competition, and it allows us to reach a broader audience and inject new life into the literary market.” Oh … and they pay! The Rag is another journal with an online reading fee ($3), though they note that this fee goes directly toward paying contributors.

Submission Process: Short fiction is limited to 10,000 words per story. Poetry and flash fiction is limited to five pieces per submission, or 2,000 words (whichever comes first). They define flash fiction as “short fiction under 1,500 words.” For more on The Rag’s submission guidelines, visit their Submittable page.

Reading Period: Year round, with 1-2 month response time

Website: Visit The Rag online at www.raglitmag.com

seeding the snow

About: Seeding the Snow is a print journal “offering women the opportunity to express their love for the natural world.” The mission of the journal is “to provide a medium for written and artistic expression by women about nature; to foster connections to our Midwestern landscapes; and to build a sense of community among writers, artists and readers.”

Submission Process: The journal welcomes submissions of poetry, short fiction, essays, journal notes, photography, and artwork (to be reproduced in black and white) from women. Seeding the Snow prefers email submissions (query required prior to hard copy submissions). For more on Seeding the Snow’s submission guidelines, visit their Submissions page.

Reading Period: Year round

Website: Visit Seeding the Snow online at www.seedingthesnow.net


About: Touch is a poetry and literary journal “dedicated to human interaction during times of illness, injury, disease, death, and recovery began to take form in my mind.”

Submission Process: Touch’s submission guidelines come with a Publishing Agreement. Because of the detail of their submission process and this agreement, I hesitate to “sum up” and instead recommend visiting their Submission Guidelines page to read through the full specifications.

Reading Period: Year round

Website: Visit Touch online at www.thelivesyoutouch.com

Good Luck!


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