26 April 2013

get ready, get set ... submit-o-rama!

I'm sure it hasn't gone unnoticed that the Our Lost Jungle site has been pretty quiet for the past two weeks. (At least ... I hope it hasn't gone unnoticed!)

Besides finishing up the "fun work" (read: "moderate torture") it took to get the site back to fully functional (it turns out some hackers in Eastern Europe are not my friends), I've also been getting a nook of the jungle ready for ...

The May 2013 Submit-O-Rama
That's right, the Submit-O-Rama is about to make a grand return to Our Lost Jungle, and you--yes, YOU!--are invited! Since we're so close to summer, the May Submit-O-Rama has a bit of a "summer camp" theme (it's also because this is the first summer in a long time I won't be working with kids at a residential program ... so I needed a little camp magic in my life). Get ready for a month-long adventure into the world of literary magazine submissions, and overcoming (or at least facing) our fears of the great submission process!

The May Submit-O-Rama will feature tips and resources including:
  • Tracking your own submissions
  • Finding solidarity in the submission process
  • Finding the best markets for your work
  • Facing rejection like a real trooper
  • ... and much more!
It's going to be a fun month, and a busy month! And for those who have expressed interest in the SOR but worried you wouldn't have time to dedicate to the full project, I'm happy to announce that there is also a brand new SOR Challenge for the time-constrained! Check out the Submit-O-Rama page for more details!

It will be quiet here for the rest of April as I continue clearing out a nice camp site for us for the month of May. But come May first, get ready to get the fire going on your submission efforts!


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Check out more details on the Our Lost Jungle Submit-O-Rama!

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