01 March 2013

what’s next? finishing the chapbook challenge!

The Our Lost Jungle Chapbook Challenge: "What's Next?"
Today we come to the end of the chapbook challenge! Throughout the month of February participants hopefully had the opportunity to get work organized and (mostly) formatted into what has or will become a chapbook ready for submissions, to contests or publishers, or self-publication. I thank all of you who joined me on this journey, and hope you have enjoyed yourselves as much as I enjoyed hosting!

This post is all about the final steps for the chapbook challenge. As with any Our Lost Jungle challenge, this is the stage at which you confirm your participation and earn participant rewards. Your confirmation will be in the form of a “submission packet” with a few required materials. Here’s what you need to do to confirm your participation and “win” this challenge!

1. TOC: To confirm participation, your submission packet should include your table of contents reflecting that your chapbook is 30 pages. For poets and artists, this might mean a table of contents listing 30 titles; for prose writers, while you’ll include your TOC it’ll be more of an “honor code” (since you can’t very well list all the page numbers). If your final chapbook was more than 30 pages, your submission packet TOC should still only reflect 30 pages worth of work. Why? Because those were the rules we started with, and to reflect the true “spirit” of an actual competition, contest, or publisher’s guidelines, I’d like (or “like”) to force you to stick to them. (no min/max page length; reflect ONLY 30 pages of material)

2. Work Sample: Your submission packet must also include 5-10 pages of the work included in your chapbook. These pages can be consecutive or non-sequential. If you were working with prose and have a piece longer than 10 pages you want to use as your work sample, please still try to stick to the 10 page maximum, or shoot me a message first to see if it’s okay to send more than 10 pages if you really want to share the whole story/piece. (5-10 pages)

3. Artist’s Statement: Finally, your submission packet should include an “artist’s statement” that explains the “connective thread” of your chapbook. What was the theme, topic, or other narrative thread you worked with? How did you organize your chapbook, and why? Be sure to share your chapbook title (even if it’s a tentative one), and (if you used the technique) how you selected your crown, slipper, and robe pieces. (1-5 pages)

Make sure you save your submission packet as a single document (DOC, DOCX, RTF, or PDF only, please).  Save the file as “YOUR CHAPBOOK TITLE (Your Last Name)” (i.e. COLLECTED LOVE SONNETS (Shakespeare).doc). Email your packet to ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com with the Subject: “OLJ CB Challenge.”

Your submissions should be emailed no later than Friday, March 8, 2013! Because there will be a participant and completion certificate available to you, please make sure your email also includes any special instructions regarding your name (i.e. “Please preserve all lower case,” or “I go by Mac but please make my certificate out to Mackenzie”).

If you didn’t finish the challenge, I still encourage you to send an email stating that you participated; you can still receive a participant’s certificate and badge!

GRAND PRIZE: Oh yes … There’s a Grand Prize for this challenge! In late March or early April, I will be announcing the “Grand Prize Winner” of the Chapbook Challenge for the participant with the “best in show” submission. The Grand Prize includes:

* A $25 e-gift card to Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble (BN.com)

* A chapbook, collection, or book of the winner’s choice*

* An opportunity to serve as a featured author/artist on Our Lost Jungle: Includes an author/artist interview, an author/author “feature” highlighting a selection of work, the opportunity to provide a guest post, and the opportunity to have a body of work reviewed and featured (details to be discussed with the winner once selected!)

If you have questions about the challenge final steps, please don’t hesitate to email me at ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com (be sure to indicate that it’s a question in your subject line!).

Good luck to you all!

* The selected book must, please, be available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble online.


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Join in the Our Lost Jungle Chapbook ("CB") Challenge!


  1. I am still playing catch up, but hope to meet the "completion" certificate requirements.

    1. Good luck, Kiril! I'm sure you can get there! And remember, all you need is the TOC, 5-10 pages as a sample, and an artist's statement ... so even if everything isn't formatted, you can still submit your packet for completion! :)

  2. Congrats to all that participated and kudos to you Khara for diving into this awesome challenge!! What an accomplishment. ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! It's been a blast and a half :)

  3. Nominating you for sainthood. St. Khara, patron saint of emerging writers.

    1. I need to send this to one of the Sisters at my high school alma mater ... Thank you, Kris!

  4. I second that nomination. You are such an inspiration! I'd have never done this without the challenge. Just sent you my "submission package". Thanks for the motivaiton, Khara!

    1. Awesome! Thank you, Rebecca, and best of luck with your new manuscript :)


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