25 January 2013

fridays with friends: 10 great articles on blogging

Today’s Fridays with Friends post is all about the art and craft of blogging. Check out these ten great articles, resources, strategies, and tools from other writers to help you as you begin, continue, renegotiate, or revamp your blogging journey!

"I ♥ My Blog": 10 Great Articles on Blogging

Jane Friedman offers a great resource titled “Get Started Guide: Blogging for Writers” on her website. Not only does she suggest how to get started, but she lays out some fundamentals for what a blog should include and a checklist for each of your posts! Her guide also includes some more great articles and resources for you, and a free PDF titled “Blogging 101.”

Nina Amir, who offers countless resources on the fine (or messy) art of blogging your book, also offers great blogging advice that would serve bloggers at any stage. Earlier this month, she shared a guide on how to “Create Core Content to Give Your Blog a Strong Internal Fire.” Beyond stressing the importance of that evergreen content that forms the foundation of a blog, Nina explains how these core pieces help to “get the fire going” on your blog.

In April of 2012, Robert Lee Brewer offered a crash course in writer platform building on his My Name Is Not Bob blog. In May, Robert collected all 30 of his challenges to help writers “build and refine writer platforms” into one post titled “How to Build (or Improve) Your Writer Platform in 30 Days.” This is a great challenge to take on as you work on your blog, to establish your blog’s purpose and foundation, and keep that focus going strong over your blog’s lifetime!

In a Copyblogger article titled “8 Strange Rituals of Productive Writers,” Kelton Reid shares how rituals—even unique, quirky, or downright bizarre habits—can help “bring meaning to your writing.” From listening to music to writing in your underwear, Kelton suggests that our rituals can help us to see whatever it is we’re working on in new ways. Establishing a ritual for blogging can be just as helpful as establishing rituals for other forms of writing, whether it’s sharpening your pencils or working in a sealed, hyperbaric chamber (really: that phrase appears in the article).

The “I ♥ My Blog” Challenge has given us all a month to fall in (or, back in) love with our blogs. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has a much shorter challenge for rediscovering your blogging mojo. In “7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove,” Darren provides seven tasks suggesting unique types of posts to write for your blog. Whether you complete them in a week or over an extended period of time, the goal is to have fun and reestablish a connection with your blog!

If a blog falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Maybe this question is a bit bizarre, and it’s not one that’s actually answered in the article, but “Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest,” a 2009 piece published by Douglas Quenqua in The New York Times, does look at why so many blogs seem to fade away like the last lingering memory of a half-forgotten dream. This article is a bit of a warning siren for anyone who may be thinking a blog could be a quick road to “success,” and gives several examples of the pitfalls of both thought and practice we all should avoid as we establish our blogs.

In “8 Things Every Blogging Writer Should Know,” Chris Higgins shares (in a guest post for Writer’s Digest) some helpful insights and tips for meaningful blogging. Besides the familiar recommendation that bloggers invite contributions from readers (e.g. a call to action or invitation to respond), Chris also shares the important reminder that sometimes the people who comment … aren’t going to be the nice people we want commenting. My favorite tip is Tip #6, which points toward finding interesting things in everyday life to keep your blog fed.

“12 Must Have Blog Design Tips for Your Blog” provides tons of helpful advice for tweaking the design of your blog. Whether you want to experiment with new fonts, buttons, or color, these tips will help you combine your work with your play.

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another blogging platform to choose from … Quora went and threw its hat into the ring. In a Venture Beat article which asks the question “Is Quora the next big blogging platform?” Christina Farr looks at how one of the biggest question-and-answer sites is now making a (pretty impressive move) toward the generation of high-quality posts that could make it a great new platform for bloggers.

For those of you still pondering the color question when it comes to your blog, here’s an article titled “Color Combinations For Your Blog Made Easy” that breaks down—in several ways—the color wheel to show how different colors interact, and suggests methods for coming up with effective color schemes for your blog!



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  1. I love going back to Robert Lee Brewer's website for the platform basics. I'll have to look at the others. I also love the Writer's Digest post on taking a author website to the next level: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/take-your-author-website-to-the-next-level?et_mid=571494&rid=233079587

    1. Thanks for sharing that link, Heather! I'll have to check it out this weekend!

  2. Khara, I'm so tired at the end of this week (trying to recover from vacay), but these articles look fantastic! I will bookmark this post and explore. Thanks for doing the hard part for me. I love Jane Friedman and am ashamed I haven't read her resource sooner! Thanks.

    1. Have fun cruising through these when you get the chance, Julia!

  3. Bookmarked, Khara!! Thank you!! :)

  4. I will always be thankful for the April platform challenge. I was already blogging for three months before it started, but it was a great boost for my blog and my platform!

    I'm checking out some of the links you listed.


    1. Thanks, Kirra! And I agree; the April Platform Challenge is definitely a treasure!


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