06 December 2012

the dead poet date round one bracket

The OLJ Countdown to New Year's:
IV. The Dead Poet Date Round One Bracket
I am so excited for tomorrow I can hardly wait ... Tomorrow is the first day of dead poet preliminary "dates"! The competitions have been selected, the placements have been set, and tomorrow, I'm excited to say, we'll be kicking things off with some pretty interesting competition!

Here's how things will work to kick things off:

1. For round one, there will be three "double-dates" a day for four days. I guess it's not technically a double date, since I'm the only gal involved, but two poets will be "pitted against each other" in a struggle for my poetic heart.

2. On each "date," each poet will get a short introduction, followed by a duel of poems.

3. Each poet will have just one poem to speak for him. The selection of the poem is pretty simple; I'll be browsing through any available record (online) of the poet's work and selecting one that "speaks" to me (in terms of the poetic aesthetic I outlined yesterday). A link to the selected competition piece will be shared in the poet's introduction. If no poem can be found (and there's a relatively short amount of time to find a poem, so admittedly I won't be spanning the whole of any of these poet's careers), the poet will be automatically "disqualified."

4. Following the introductions I'll be asking you--that's right, all of you!--for your input on which poet would have your heart considering their respective poems.

5. The next day of dating will begin with the announcement of the winners of the previous dates!

So how can you get involved?

Besides what's been briefly outlined above, there's more you can do to be a part of this dating challenge! Below, I'll be posting a "bracket" (what can I say ... I love sports) with all the date pairings. You can track the first round of competition with the chart, and see if you can guess who stands the best chance of winning the competition overall as this round unfolds. Like I said ... pretty exciting stuff!

Here's the bracket:

Day 1: Red
Day 2: Yellow
Day 3: Blue
Day 4: Green

A note on the pairings: These were generated completely at random. That said ... How cool is it that Keats and Yeats are together?!

Your Turn: Are you surprised by any of the pairings? Which pairing or day of competition seems the most interesting/exciting/fun/surprising/etc. to you? If you could rearrange any of the pairings, who would you put together?


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  1. Oh what fun! I could never play because my heart completely belongs to Neruda. I'm sorry, but there it is. It's true love and true love lasts for ever. :)

    1. Thanks, Veronica. Hey, true love is nothing to apologize for! As noted in "The Princess Bride," it's not something that happens everyday!

  2. This is great fun. I don't know all your suitors, though, so I'll be paying attention to their intros

    1. Thanks, Barbara. I'm excited to "meet" and introduce all these fine poets!


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