03 December 2012

taking on a dead poet's (singles) society ...

The OLJ Countdown to New Year's: I. Taking on
a Dead Poet's (Singles) Society
New Year's Eve is coming fast
I've flown solo in the past
So this year I chose, at last,
To find myself a date

But I've found I'm rather picky
I know dating can be sticky
So I want a date who's witty
And who won't be late

My perfect New Year's date must be
The kind of guy who's right for me
And one more major certainty
(I hope some of you know it)

Is that my New Year's dating plan
Believes there's nothing better than
A verse-based zombic form of man
That is, a fine dead poet

Watch the Our Lost Jungle blog throughout the month of December as I (with, hopefully, some help from you) attempt to find the perfect "New Year's Date" among a veritable sea of dead poets!

The first question, of course, is: If you could date any writer, living or dead, who would you choose?


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  1. Khara, like your poem! Best with the search!

    Like you new look here on your blog. For me, it is easier to read with this lighter background. I so like the banner colour and fonts. Would you mind sharing the font for the words at the top?


    1. Sorry to be so late in responding to you, Patricia. Thank you for your comments on the revamped look of OLJ! In the banner, the fonts I used are "Pea Missy Cursive" (for "Read. Write. Discover.") and an edited "REBOARD" (for "our lost jungle"; I added the blank space in the "o"); I created the leaf icon myself in Gimp.


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