26 December 2012

countdown to new year's: round 3, day 2

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas on Tuesday. If you haven't had a chance to yet, please stop by my Facebook Page for a special holiday greeting from the "House" of Our Lost Jungle to yours.

Today's competitors are Pablo Neruda and Langston Hughes, a fun combo if only because I adore both these poets so much it makes it extremely hard for me to seem them "against" each other. As a quick reminder, the way this round is working is that instead of dates, the poet's poems will be pitted against each other based on their "inspirational power": in writing a response to each poet's poem, form, content, and/or style (often a combination of all these, and more, elements), I'll be looking to see which poems inspire or "speak to/through me" the most.

Let's get to it!

Pablo Neruda vs Langston Hughes

Bone of My Bones
After Pablo Neruda’s “Tie Your Heart at Night to Mine, Love”

Bone of my bones, this night I feel you a part of me—
apart from day’s membranes, we beat the night
with kindred blood, we root and tree
dreams heavy as the crush of winter boughs.

Woven lines: born of stock and stone desires
that render this worldly realm inert in spheres
dancing slow waltz motions pulling time along a track
that traces our lines back into eternity.

My marrow, within your clustered core I swim, I cleave,
to that singular string that binds you,
to that quivering bird,

That chickadee winging us upon the stars
where questions whisper and answers sigh,
where with one breath we hinge ourselves behind unopened doors.

That Winter
After Langston Hughes’ “April Rain Song”

That winter warned you.
That winter warmed your copper palms upon my brow.
That winter hummed you to sleep.

Winter that quivers and quakes old autumn’s bows.
Winter that tames the dragon fires.
Winter that tricks our pillowing heads into dreaming—

How I loved that winter in you.

Your Turn: Write a response to one of your favorite poems, a poem that inspires and speaks in/to/through you. (For fictioneers or nonfictioneers, you might write a response to a favorite short story, or an imitation of a favorite writer's style.) What elements of the piece you respond to stand out to you, inspire you, or otherwise engage your creative mind? Feel free to share your thoughts, writing, or links in the comments below!


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