12 December 2012

countdown to new year's: day 3 results

The fourth day of dead poet dates is on hold (just for today) as I rest up a bit--I've found myself way down under when it comes to the weather (in other words, I have a bit of a cold), so am taking today to get some much needed sleep. (I also figured these poets are already the dearly departed ... best not to make them the suffering-from-sickness on top of that.) I did not, however, want to keep you waiting for the result from day three, so they are below. Get ready for the last three dates of round one tomorrow!

:Day 3 Winners:

Breakfast: Robert Browning’s breakfast was more filling, but it was Leopold Senghor’s “Night in Sine” that had my heart running over with fullness!

Lunch: We all shared the same soul food but Langston Hughes’ “April Rain Song” had my heart pounding (or maybe it was the red velvet cake)!

Dinner: Both poets introduced me to some delightful fusion cuisine, but it was D.H. Lawrence’s “Almond Blossom” that infused itself in my heart! 

See you tomorrow for the last dates of
Round 1!


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