13 November 2012

the october submit-o-rama: final steps!

If you participated in the Submit-O-Rama, you’ve probably been wondering, “Now what?” Well guess what? We’re officially in the “Now What” stage of the challenge! That is, we’re ready to start sending (that’d be you) and collecting (that’d be me) confirmations of both your participation in and completion of any of the challenges during the Submit-O-Rama!

Here are the guidelines for confirmation:

1. Step One (For Challenge Completers): To confirm your completion of any challenge, please head to the “Winners’ Circle” forum in the Our Lost Jungle Community Forums. Simply make a post in which you state your name, which challenge you participated in, and the number of submissions you sent out (so we can all celebrate with you)! (Also be sure to celebrate along with other challenge completers ... this is your time to party!)

2. Step One (For Challenge Participants): To confirm your participation in any of the challenges (whether you finished or not), head to the “Participants’ Ring” forum in the OLJ Community Forums. Make a post in which you state your name and the challenge you participated in. Also share how many submissions you were able to send out. Remember, even if you didn't "finish" the challenge, this is still your celebration for taking the leap into the realm of submissions.

3. Step Two (For EVERYONE!): Send an email to ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com to confirm your participation or completion of your challenge. (Emails will not be stored; this is just so I can send you your Submit-O-Rama goodies!) Make sure you include “Submit-O-Rama” in the subject line. In the body of your email, include your preferred full name, the challenge you participated in, and whether or not you completed your challenge!

I look forward to hearing from each of you! Don't forget to keep sharing your Submit-O-Rama experiences in the Forums, on Facebook, or on the Submit-O-Rama page!


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