19 November 2012

Just a breather ...

The time has come for me to take a little break from the blog. There are a few reasons for this:
  1. I'm behind on a few important writing projects that I need to get caught up on as soon as possible.
  2. We've officially entered the "AAAAAH!" phase of the semester, which means student conferences, and tons of grading.
  3. A more-than-minor bout of insomnia/sleeplessness is keeping me from working at full capacity; I need to refocus energy where it will really do me the best good.
So, for the rest of this week at least, and perhaps next week, I'll be taking some time off. But don't worry ... there's plenty of stuff in the archives, and I'll still be sharing tips, tools, and resources on Facebook and Twitter. Until next we meet ... Adieu, with my love!


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  1. Give yourself a good rest, and smash that insomnia. You don't want it moving in and setting up House-keeping.

  2. Hey, grab the rest you need. Most of us know what you're talking about. If your stress flag is up, obey. I had insomnia for years and finally came to the conclusion that it is directly related to stress, so take care of yourself, woman.

  3. I must admit, it's hard to stay away! This is me just finally learning to take some of my own advice. Thank you both for stopping by, for your comments, and for the support!

  4. What Margo said! See you at the TweetChat later today. I need to get my Khara fix somehow. :)

  5. Seems to be going around. I hope you get some good rest soon!

  6. Thank you, Lara and Linda! Hope to see (or, "see"?) you both at the WSChats tonight! :)

  7. You are an intriguing person, Khara. Your October submission challenge was wildly successful. Good for you with your offline teaching efforts and online writing projects. Best of luck with your creative endeavors.


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