09 October 2012

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a-z presses

This week’s “A to Z” series listings include three journals beginning with “I” that are seeking your submissions. Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
(Image: "pencils" by Borbas Krisztian)
 Impressive 'I's


About: Inkspill Magazine is a UK-based literary magazine with the mantra “Don’t be afraid to spill some ink.” They espouse a belief in “being unafraid of making a mess in the name of creative experimentation. In order to construct something extraordinary, you must first deconstruct the ordinary.” They define themselves as a platform for emerging talent, so if you have something fresh and original to share, and consider yourself someone “who might struggle to get noticed in the crowded commercial market,” Inkspill might just be the home for your writing.

Submission Process: Don’t worry about converting postage rates—all submissions are made through Inkspill’s Submittable online submission form. Writers can submit one story or article, or up to three poems. Writers can submit to multiple parts of the magazine (in other words, to more than one genre) as long as they follow the guidelines. Simultaneous submissions must be acknowledged in the cover letter. Expect a response time of up to 6-12 weeks (up to six for articles; up to 12 for stories and poetry). For more on the submission process (including a unique opportunity to earn an “Editor’s Choice” award, which includes payment), visit their submission page here.

Reading Period: Inkspill is published three times per year; they do not list a specific reading period

Website: To learn more about Inkspill, visit them online at www.inkspillmagazine.com

inner art

Inner Art Journal is looking for “writing that is succinct, clear, and honest.” It is a poetry magazine, with a current preference for tanka (though they note that they are “open to other short forms”). They specify that they are “more likely to accept a poem that is perceptive than one that is written perfectly but lacks depth.” Inner Art includes a page on writing tanka as “a wonderful exercise in perception” so my guess is they currently have a strong preference for tanka! You might take this as an opportunity, if you haven’t written in this form before, to give it a little practice!

Submission Process: Poets should send several poems that they believe will fit the journal; Inner Art does not specify how many constitutes “several,” so exercise good reason when submitting, or query first to figure out how many might be too many. They accept submissions through a Submittable page, and provide an email for contacting them with questions here.

Reading Period: Rolling

Website: Learn more about Inner Art Journal, and check out their tanka practice guide, online at www.innerartjournal.com


About: The Innisfree Poetry Journal is open to your original, previously unpublished poems year round. Innisfree publishes “well-crafted poems, whether in free verse or in traditional forms, poems grounded in the specific, which speak in fresh language and telling images.” They also “admire musicality.”

Submission Process: The submission should be submitted as one Word document (they note that if the writer does not have Word, Google Docs or Rich Text Format should be used instead). Poets should include  brief bio and up to five poems in the submission, which should be attached to an email addressed to editor@innisfreepoetry.org. Your name, as you wish it to appear in the journal, should be included in the subject line. Poets should submit only once per issue. Innisfree lists some specific formatting guidelines for both the submission and email; view more on their guidelines and preferences here.

Reading Period: While they read year round, the deadline for the Spring issue is February 1, and August 1 for the Fall issue

Website: To learn more about Innisfree, visit them online at www.authorme.com/innisfree.htm
Happy Writing!


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