02 September 2012

The Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge: Final Steps!

This has been a fantastic summer. Though full of frustrating lulls in writing and other areas of life, and ripe with transitions, it was also blessed with the OLJ Poetry Form Challenge! I speak of that blessing, of course, not as the one who ran it but as a poet who was blessed with the opportunity to engage with several fantastic poets and read dozens of new, phenomenal poems generated by each of you who participated.

But of course, we're not done yet. Because, as you may remember, there's one last step to this challenge. And it comes with a prize.

the final step

The Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge: Final Steps
What exactly is the last step? Well, you might also remember, from the very first post regarding this challenge, that there's a portfolio to submit. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or joined in the middle, you still have the opportunity to complete the challenge by submitting a portfolio of your work.

Here's how it works:
  • You have until Thursday, September 13th, 2012 to submit your portfolio by email (ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com). The deadline is 11:59pm ET. Include "[Your First and Last Name]'s OLJ Portfolio" in the subject line!
  • Your portfolio should contain six revisions of new poems written during the challenge. Remember, these should be new  poems; if you shared poems during the challenge that were written before the challenge, unfortunately, those are ineligible. 
  • Include a brief (about a paragraph) poetic statement at the beginning of your portfolio regarding how you view poetic form. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it free you or hinder you? Why?
  • Your portfolio should also include a worksheet guide to the form you created for Challenge #9 at the end of your portfolio. (Note: If you include an example of your form on the worksheet, it will not count toward the six poems in the portfolio!)
the eye on the prize

Everyone who submits their portfolio by the deadline will receive a certificate and website badge confirming their successful completion of the challenge. I'll also be choosing five poems to feature in a Fri-Write Friday post on Friday, September 21st.

As an added bonus, everyone who submits a portfolio will be invited to be a part of the poet interview series on this page! You're not obligated to participate, but if you agree I'd love to have you.

Good luck compiling your portfolios. I look forward to reading your work and watching you cross the finish line for this challenge!


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  1. Khara, could you clarify--the six poems must be REVISIONS of the ones we submitted during the contest. Can they be the originals that we submitted? Or new ones written in response to a prompt? Do you want the portfolio sent in the body of the email or as an attachment? Thanks.

  2. Of course! The six poems should be originals written during the challenge in response to any of the nine prompts. They can be revised versions of any of the poems you submitted already, or originals. New ones are okay, as long as they are in response to the challenge prompts :-).

    The portfolio should be attached as a .doc, .rtf, or .pdf document.

    Thanks for asking these questions; I'd been debating adding some of those clarifications (and hadn't thought about the manner of sending the portfolio outside of having them emailed).

    Any other questions about the specifics can be asked here or sent via email to ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com! Thanks, everybody!

  3. Unfortunately, Khara, I can't comply. Things became crazy around here and I forgot all about the portfolio. Maybe next year I can complete the whole thing.

    Good luck to all who send in their poems for this competition. Yay, woot, woot, woot.


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