04 September 2012

opportunities for writers 9/4

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Welcome back to the Opportunities for Writers' focus on an "A to Z" of literary journal and presses. Each week of this feature presents three presses with open calls for submissions seeking your writing. We left off, in June, with the "C"s ... Get ready to jump right back into the series with the "D"s this week! Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
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About: diode is a poetry journal seeking "electropositive poetry," which they define as "poetry that excites and energizes. The journal seeks poetry "that uses language that crackles and sparks ... poetry from all points of the arc, from formal to experimental (no light verse or erotic poetry, please)." 

Submission Process: Poets should submit 3-5 poems with a cover letter via email to submit@diodepoetry.com. Poems should be attached as either Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) documents. diode specifies that they do not accept previously published work; they will accept simultaneous submissions but request that submitters notify them if they're accepted elsewhere.

Reading Period: diode reads year round and reports that they will respond in 4-6 weeks

Website: Visit diode online at www.diodepoetry.com

diverse voices quarterly

About: If you're looking for a journal open to anyone, you're looking for Diverse Voices Quarterly. DVQ states in their Mission Statement that they are an online literary journal "providing an outlet for AND by everybody: every age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious background. This journal will, in essence, celebrate and unify diversity."

Submission Process: For poetry, submit 3-5 poems (one poem per page; 30 lines maximum per poem) sent in one file with a page break between poems. DVQ states that they discourage rhyming poems unless "you think you'll wow us with them." Short stories or personal essay/creative nonfiction submissions are limited to 3,000 words maximum or two short stories/essays "that add up to 1,000 words." Submissions should be sent through their online submission manager (visit their website for the link, and more info.)

Reading Period: Diverse Voices Quarterly is published quarterly online as a free downloadable PDF, with four annual deadlines: February 1 (Spring Issue), May 1 (Summer Issue), August 1 (Autumn Issue), and November 1 (Winter Issue).

Website: To learn more about DVQ, and to submit, visit them online at www.diversevoicesquarterly.com

drunken boat

About: Drunken Boat is an online journal of art and literature published two times per year. They've stated that they focus on "more traditional forms" (meaning the major lit mag genres, poetry, prose, and photography) as well as new media. Their unique approach and focus in the literary arts means that they lean toward work that is inovative, including works that (for lack of a better word) defy traditional printing. They are, from what I've heard and read, quite particular in terms of their interests and publication needs ... so step up your game if you choose to submit!

Submission Process: While Drunken Boat has a rolling submission period, they are currently closed to poetry (check back often to see when they reopen); they are, however, seeking submissions for a project in conjunction with the Asian American Writers Workshop seeking works "that respond to the question of Asian and Middle Eastern-American populations in urban spaces." When open to submissions, Drunken Boat requests authors send no more than 5 poems per year and fiction/nonfictions submissions of no more than 5000 words "unless you first query the genre editor via the editor's address. Check out the website's submission manager for further details.

Reading Period: Typically rolling, though currently closed to poetry; the "Open the City" project has a submission deadline of October 1st.

Website: Learn more about submitting, read through the archives, and find out more about Drunken Boat at www.drunkenboat.com

Happy Writing!


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