25 September 2012

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This week’s “A to Z” series post focuses on three “G” presses seeking your submissions. Enjoy this week’s Opportunities for Writers!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
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Grateful for 'G's


About: According to the journal’s website, “Ginosko” is a phrase that means “to perceive, understand, realize, come to know; knowledge that has an inception, a progress, an attainment. The recognition of truth by experience.” As such, Ginosko is currently accepting short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, social justice concerns, and spiritual insights. The description of what they’re looking for may be vague, but they provide plenty of downloadable content on their site to get a better idea.

Submission Process: Ginosko prefers email submissions sent as attachments in RTF, Word, or Works format. They’ll also accept postal submissions. They don’t list an email address for submissions, but provide a “Contact” link that links directly to the creation of an email; their physical address can be found on the Guidelines page.

Reading Period: Ginosko reads year-round, with an editorial lead time of 1-2 months

Website: Check out past editions of Ginosko to get the feel of this unique press by visiting them online at www.ginoskoliteraryjournal.com

the greensilk journal

About: Greensilk is a literary ezine with a mission to “help as many unpublished writers as we can.” With the upcoming Submit-O-Rama, it’s nice to see a press that is looking to be the “first real vote of confidence” for writers!

Submission Process: To submit, writers should send their “well-groomed pieces” in the body of an email (no attachments—no exceptions!) to hazekd@peoplepc.com. The author should indicate, in the email’s subject line, what kind of work (story, poetry, essay, etc.) is being submitted. Greensilk notes that while there are generally “no length requirements … if your piece is over 4000 words, it had better be good.” Greensilk encourages submitters to “use [their] own judgment --- but be tasteful. Be artful.” Submissions should also include a brief bio. A final note from the publisher: “To save time, include a brief, informal statement claiming copyright ownership, and indicate, please, your piece has not been previously published.” For more on Greensilk’s guidelines, visit their Submissions page.

Reading Period: The deadline for the Fall 2012 edition is September 30th, so get your submissions together soon!

Website: For more on Greensilk, and to check out their archives, visit them online at www.thegsj.com


About: Guernica is “an award-winning online magazine of ideas, art, poetry, and fiction published twice monthly. At the same time as they note the acclaimed authors they have published---including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Mark Dowie, Richard Howard, and Shelley Jackson---the magazine also notes that they have “launched brand new voices too,” which I think is the nicest way of saying, “Don’t be afraid to submit here!” With an international appeal, Guernica is open to translations and looks for words (particularly noted for fiction) that has “an international outlook.”

Submission Process: The submission guidelines for Guernica are some of the most detailed I’ve come across. They aren’t difficult, just detailed! The basics are that submitted pieces should be previously unpublished anywhere … which includes you blog or personal website! Fiction pieces should be no fewer than 1,200 words and no more than 3,500 words; poets should send no more than five poems of any length. Guernica prefers email submissions (while they list snail mail addresses, they explicitly state that they only accept electronic submissions via email sent to the proper email addresses, listed on their website), and asks that writers submit their work as a Microsoft Word file attachment; they also list details on how documents should be formatted (i.e. a single space between sentences instead of the old standard two spaces). You’ll want to read their full submission details by visiting their Contact page before submitting!

Reading Period: Guernica does not list a reading period, which makes it fairly safe to assume they have a rolling reading period (you may want to contact the journal to be sure, and safe); they ask that writers allow at least eight weeks for a response.

Website: To learn more about Guernica, and check out their blog (updated daily) and previous publications, visit them online at www.guernicamag.com

Happy Writing!


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