13 September 2012

online finds 9/13: twitter hashtags for writers

Join in the writer conversation on Twitter!
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Way back in May, the Our Lost Jungle Opportunities for Writers featured several Twitter chats for writers. This week, I’d like to return to the topic of Twitter. This time around, I’m sharing a list of some of the top twitter hashtags for writers.

In case you’re not up on the Twitter lingo, a “hashtag” is just a word or phrase preceded by a pound sign. Hashtags are used to in essence “tag” tweets with certain topics. By using a hashtag, you can filter your Twitter stream down to a select conversation without the distraction of all the other conversations going on at the same time. They’re also a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the most popular topics at any given time. For example, during the recent summer Olympics, you might have seen that topics like #Olympics and #teamusa began trending—that is, taking over the conversation, or becoming the most popular tags, on Twitter—pretty quickly.

For writers, Twitter hashtags provide a fantastic way to keep up on current topics related to craft, and to engage with other writers. By using some of these hashtags, you open yourself up to entering lively discussions and participating in vibrant literary communities on the web! So, without further ado, here are 40 of the top hashtags for writers you should consider using, or at the very least following, throughout the week: 

Have you ever tried writing 1,000 words in one hour? Well you will now!
Find solidarity with other writers who are editing
Share your recent reads with ready readers!
Be inspired by other writers who are currently writing (allegedly, anyway … I mean, they are on Twitter…)
Have questions? Ask agents!

Have questions? Ask authors!
Have que … eh, you get the point!
#author / #authors
Use this one if you are an author, or if you want to connect with other authors
Often, writers will share helpful articles, tips, and prompts with this tag!
A chat for folks interesting in e-publishing

I won’t lie to you … the fiction tag is pretty cool
An ongoing conversation from fiction, for fiction, by fiction … or something along those lines
If you read something awesome, this is the tag to share it with!
Join in the ongoing conversation with journalists and bloggers
A great chat for those who write for young people, held every Tuesday

Because all writers can be on fire for Kindle!
Where booklovers gather to talk books (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)
The answer is in the question … Find a must read? Then you #mustread it!
The NaNoWriMo crew tweets year round … join them!
Share parts of your novel!
Share a poem!
Join in the Poet Party to talk current trends in poetry!
All things poetry related
Whether you are publishing or trying to publish or learning about the process … this is the tag for you!
Speaking of publishing … If you need help with the process, this is the tag to use!
Talk all things Sci-Fi on Fridays!
A chat for writers, editors, and agents on Thursdays!
For when you have a story to tell
For when you want the inspiration to start the next story you have to tell
If you know what your fellow writers should be reading, don’t keep it to yourself!
Share your word count on your work-in-progress for a constant “competition” with fellow writers!
Yet another chat, on Sundays, to help writers make connections within the writing world
Share your writing goals to challenge other writers or get encouragement from the community!
#writer / #writers
If you’re a writer … this is definitely one you need to remember!
Don’t whisper words of wisdom … tag them!
A weekly chat, held Tuesdays, from Wordsmith Studio focusing on the craft and worlds of writing, blogging, and more!
#writerwednesday / #WW
Sort of the writers’ version of #FollowFriday!
Find great prompts or share your own!
Take part in a challenge to write as much as you can!
Word sprints are usually 10-20 minute long “sprints” of writing … the challenge? Write the most!

Happy Tweeting (and, of course, writing)!

Did I miss your favorite writer hashtag? Be sure to share your own favorites in the comments!


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  1. An awesome resource, thanks for posting!

    1. My pleasure, Emily. Thanks for reading :)

  2. My favorites are #wordmongering and #StoryDam.

    #wordmongering is a place to connect with other writers, kinda like #1k1h. But #wordmongering starts on the hour, and goes for a half an hour. There's a pretty steady group of people who use it, so it's great for connecting.

    #StoryDam is a Twitter chat, 8 (est) on Thursdays. It's the same way as #wordmongering - the same people do it each week, and you make good friends there. Our group is slowly building, and it's been wonderful for me. :)

    Thanks for the great list!

    Brett Jonas

    1. Thank you for sharing these, Brett! Both sound like great resources to check out ... which I'll be doing very soon!


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