30 September 2012

get ready ... get set ...

The upcoming months are set to be pretty busy ... particularly when it comes to fun writing challenges! As such, the Our Lost Jungle site will be focusing on challenge-related posts through the months of October and November! Get ready for more resources, genre- and challenge-focused tips, and more! Here's a look at what the upcoming months will hold!

Join Our Lost Jungle in celebrating the Writing Challenge Season

Submission-focused tips including:
  • Manuscript preparation tips
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Writerly cautions regarding contest scams
and more!

The A-Z Presses series will continue with journals, publishers, and other presses seeking submissions!

More personal updates with a focus on:
  • The challenges of submitting
  • Facing rejection
  • Multitasking: taking on multiple responsibilities in the midst of the writing life
and more!
Throughout October, Thursday posts will focus on online resources for both managing and staying sane while taking on the writing life!

Say goodbye to Fri-Write Friday posts for now ... But don't worry: They'll be back!


In honor of National Novel Writing Month, Craft Tip Monday posts will focus on topics like:
  • Motivating your main characters
  • Creating novel "soundtracks"
  • Getting to know your characters inside and out
and more!

The A-Z Presses series

More personal updates with a focus on fiction, including:
  • Handling character rebellions ... and revolutions
  • The urge to abandon a plot
  • Staying motivated
and more!
In honor of NaNoWriMo, Thursday's online finds will focus on both online and offline resources for novel writing including:
  • Books and resources with tips for starting, plotting, and crafting a novel draft
  • Web and computer-based tools for novel writing
  • NaNoWriMo calendars (one of my favorite parts of NaNoWriMo!)
and more!
Fri-Write Fridays returns with snippets of my NaNoWriMo Work-in-Progress!

Throughout all these challenges, posts, updates, and more, I continue to encourage you to look at this site as a place to share your ideas, tips, questions, and more! And, as always ... Happy Writing!


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To join in October's Submit-O-Rama fun, check out the 5 Challenges!


  1. Woot, Khara! Mahalo for helping us all organize. I know we can supercharge our writerly lives this month.

    1. My pleasure! Good luck with the multiple challenges you're undertaking this month!

  2. Khara - lovely for you to provide such extensive resources. Will look forward to updates from those in our group at Poeming Friends - Happy writing and best of luck to all :)

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