07 September 2012

fri-write friday 9/7: book covers

I know I've mentioned in the past that I love creating covers as I start a book and/or writing project. This Fri-Write Friday, I decided to share the cover I created for my latest novel project, a pseudo-study into the relationship between the Transatlantic Slave Trade and modern zombiism in the Americas ...

Yeah, you read that right.

"Maafa": The front cover

"Maafa": The back cover
I think maybe my favorite thing about creating this cover, and working on this novel, has been seeing how "plausible" the plot is. When I first started, I imagined I'd have to look up a few cases of the breakouts of illnesses on slave ships and "twist" them to read like what you'd expect from a "zombie breakout." But what I found instead was that I could have copied texts from slave captain and doctor records verbatim and had them read as zombiism. It was kind of bizarre, actually---in at least one case a doctor noted a spread of a virus so similar to the way the spread of a zombie infection happens in movies it was eerie!

In regards to the cover, I was even more surprised. I started looking through public domain art from the 1700's and early 1800's, particularly plantation art and art depicting slave revolts (in the text, the "author" notes that often the only records of zombie outbreaks were categorized merely as slave maladies or revolts). I planned to make some alterations to an image I found to insert some "zombies" into the picture. And then I stumbled upon the picture you see on the cover. It's an image of a slave who was suspected of being part of a revolt in New York being burned at the stake. What amazed me about the original was that in the picture, you see the panic evident on the faces of the spectators, and the haunted-looking eyes of the convicted man. I didn't have to change a thing (outside of some colorization and creating the burn effect).

Who knew?


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  1. How exciting, Khara. I love collaborative efforts. Not only can bring out the best in everyone but also bring about something that neither could have created on their own. Here's to the richest of futures!

    1. Ha-ha, it's actually a fake-collaboration, Lara; it's a novel, and E.C. Lodge is an homage pseudonym for myself (her name is Eliza Lodge: "Eliza" from "Elizabeth," my middle name, and "Lodge" as in "lodging" ... another word for "House") :-)


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