21 September 2012

fri-write friday 9/21: "roses are red..."

This past Christmas, my dad gifted my brother and I a DVD of old family movies collected over years of our childhood. It's been a fun family tradition to watch these films on VHS over the years, laughing at the silliness of two kids slowly figuring out the world, our parents unbelievable patience, the songs, the toys, and everything in between. How perfect, in the midst of all this memory, to have been fervently pursuing my writerly dreams of publication ... and to watch, once again, one of my first "public poetry readings."

So here's the story. It was a 90's Christmas, and as usual my big brother and I were reminded---and more than happy to show off our own memory---of the story of Jesus and the true meaning of the holiday. My dad asked us both questions about where Jesus was born, and who was there, and all the soft ball questions parents can ask that kids feel brilliant knowing the answers to. Finally, my dad gave my brother the opportunity to recite a poem he'd learned about a poor shepherd boy pondering what to give the baby Jesus. My brother did his duty proudly ... and I suppose I wanted the opportunity to make our parents proud, too, because there and then in the video I'm edging my way into the shot to announce that I was to recite a poem. And here is what I presented as my Christmas poem (brace yourselves):

Roses are red,
violets are blue
If I was a clown ...
I would bring you a balloon!

It's not my proudest moment as a poet---and it still provides much hilarity as we listen to my dad behind the camera, year after year, pointing out that I clearly made that up on the spot---but it's the one I'm sharing with you this week. Enjoy the laugh.


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  1. You have just pinpointed why I love children. Lovely story. Thanks, Khara.

  2. You have just pinpointed why I love chil... uh ... baloons! Ok , why I love my "kiddos" and the beautiful memories made and to come.

  3. ...and spellcheck :( ~ Love you
    (Forgive me mismask for piggy backing off of your comment.)

  4. Thanks, Misky! And thanks, Dad :)


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