31 August 2012

the our lost jungle poetry form challenge: challenge #9 results

Happy Friday, poets! Today is the last day of the Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge … Congratulations to those of you who have made it to the end of the challenge! For those who joined in a little late, don’t worry … you still have time to complete the challenge! Wondering how? Well, there’s one more step to finalize the fine work you’ve all done these past few months: The Final Portfolio. Watch for a post this weekend with details!

The ninth, and final, challenge of the OLJ Poetry Form Challenge asked you to create your own poetry forms using some of the lessons you may have learned throughout the challenge. This week, rather than sharing poems, I’d like to share the various forms that were submitted! There are now five new poetic forms for you to play with in the coming weeks, all created by your fellow challenge poets! Enjoy!

Janice Sheridan
Read all about Janice's TriVail Form
Read an example of the TriVail: “One”

Barbara Yates Young
Check out Barbara's Sweet (Ego-Centric) Sixteen Form!
Read an example of the Sweet (Ego-Centric) Sixteen: “The Dive”

Michelle Pond
Try out Michelle's Jazz Haiku Ensemble Form (with an example titled “Bird’s Song”)!

Claudette Young
See Claudette's comment on the Challenge #9 Post to learn about her Variation on a Mirrored Cinquain (with an example titled “Wondering Ways”)!

Kris Swanguarin
Give Kris's Postcard Poetry Form a try, and read some examples!


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  1. Thanks again for this wonderful challenge, Khara. I can't wait to try these new forms!

  2. Thank you both! It's been a blast to host the challenge, especially getting to read all the fantastic new poetry born of it!


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