24 August 2012

the our lost jungle poetry form challenge: challenge #8 results

Welcome to the end of Week 8 of the Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge!

This week's challenge was a two-in-one challenge of poetic one-liners. The first challenge was to write American Sentences, a variation of the haiku created by Allen Ginsberg. Here are three poems submitted this week that really stood out as fine examples of what this seventeen-syllable form can do:

Seventeen bells stripped of context might be starlings in a pillowcase.

~Barbara Young  (Click Barbara's name to read more of her attempts from this week!)


"Just for us"
I will travel west until the end, to find some empty space for us.
~Janice Sheridan  (Click Janice's name to view more of her American Sentences!)


You can lie down in front of a train a penny on a rail and run.
~Kris Swanguarin (Click Kris's name to visit his poetry blog, Milk of Moonlight!)

The second challenge this week was to play with the monostich form, a short, one-line poem that is self-contained. Here are three examples of the beauty of brevity the monostich form allows.

All my breath is one hollow question.
~Janice Sheridan  (Click Janice's name to read more of her monostich attempts!)


Life is the ultimate improvisation.
~Michelle Pond  (Click Michelle's name to read more of her poems from this week!)


Today I became the mother of my parents.
~Janice Sheridan

Congratulations to all the poets who submitted, especially Janice, Kris, Barbara, and Michelle!

Stay tuned for next week's challenge post-- It is also the last challenge of this now all-but-over exploration of poetic form. And be prepared ... this one calls for a lot more personalization, and improvisation, than anything we've done thus far! Also, get ready to start gathering a portfolio of your work from this challenge! (More details coming soon!)

Until next week ...

Happy Writing!


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  1. Thanks, Khara, and congratulations JL, Kris and Barbara. These are really fun forms.

  2. Kudos to Khara for her poetic eye. Let's here a round of e-pplause for Khara's ability to point out the best in all our art.

    I'm so fortunate to be keeping company with the wonderful talent here. In fact, I'm humbled to be a part of it. This feels more like a small community than a challenge/competition. Here's one more American Sentence:

    We work, we play, we sharpen each other's art -- it's called community.

    Thank you all.

  3. These are all gorgeous! Such talent here. Barbara's is a wonderful, vivid visual, and I am particularly touched by Janice Sheridan's:
    "All my breath is one hollow question."


    I keep meaning to play along with these challenges...the hooligans go back to school on Monday. Hoping to jump back in with both feet!

    Great work, all.

  4. I couldn't say it any better than Kris:"We work, we play, we sharpen each other's art -- it's called community."

    I have so much to learn about this art form and feel honored to be among this community.

    Hands clapping in E-pplause to Khara, Barbara, and Kris, et al.

  5. Oops, Michelle's name got chopped. Congrats to Michelle, too! And thanks, De!

  6. Did I forget to say Thanks?
    Poo to me, then, because I did enjoy these. (maybe not the monostitches so much as the AmSents.) Got to love a short form that allows clauses.

  7. Congratulations to all of these wonderful poets. You certainly gave the reader something to think about with your examples of brief profundity. Excellent work, everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.


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