10 August 2012

the our lost jungle poetry form challenge: challenge #6 results

Happy Friday, everyone. Today ends the sixth week of the Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge, in which you were asked to write a Pleiades poem. This week was an absolute delight in terms of reading your submissions. As I have been every week, I was impressed by and in awe of the many ways each of you worked with this form. All of you wrote beautiful poems, and some of you took the alliteration part of the challenge to a whole new level in a very cool way! Congratulations to each of you. (To get caught up on the challenge, be sure to check the links at the end of this post.)

I had initially only planned to share one Pleiades as a featured poem this week, but after reading through all the submissions there were two that really stood out to me. The first comes from Marilyn Braendeholm (miskmask), who takes the vocal aspiration of the |b| sound to a beautifully breathy place in her poem “Breathe”:


Born, I was, on the backend of a hot autumn day,
Blossoming scents of moulding leaves that
Billowed heavy in the air. A walk, she took,
Bird song deafening dark crisp notes of
Brackish crunch under heel, and Mum
Brought me, coaxed me, from my warm
Blackened home into the light of poetry.

The second comes from Bolton Carley, who described her poem as “a touch juvenile” yet managed to not only write a poem that speaks thoughtfully to the matters of female sexuality in a softer, more playful manner than we might be accustomed to, but also to pack a punch with cleverly worked alliteration in “Pool”:

by bolton carley

Parading in panties and pink polka-dotted polyester that packed a punch,
Penny pandered to popular package-adjusting punks
          Peeking at her perfect, properly-placed patootie.

Positively pleased by piquing the passion of playas,
          Pretty Penny pledged to provide another pool party.

Proudly, Penny pondered, plotted, and planned her pursuit for power -
          Promising herself the pined-for position as Paul Peterson’s plus-one.

Congratulations to both poets, and a big congratulations, again, to everyone who participated this week! Stay tuned for next week’s challenge! Until then, happy weekending!


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  1. Congrats to Misky and Bolton! Misk always writes with such insight and Bolton--I think you once said on a twitter chat that you were the comic relief. (pink polka-dot polyester!)

    1. thanks, way to remember my comments. wow. i better be careful what i say. lol. :)

  2. i loved misky's, too! and thanks, khara for believing in my poem! i appreciate it.

  3. bolton, you rock!

    Jeanette Cheezum

  4. Breathe is excellent,and Bolton you are practically poetic perfection! :)

  5. I like “a touch juvenile” and a lot of alliteration in my puh puh puh poems. Nice work Bolton!

  6. thanks, jeanette, sugar, and harry! :)


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