06 July 2012

the our lost jungle poetry form challenge: challenge #1 results

Good morning, all! Today ends the first week of the Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge! My hopes for the course of this challenge are high after reading through the submissions I received this week ... and I very much enjoyed the cross-web journey I was taken on in reading them (from the comments on this blog to external web pages to email)!

The featured submission this week is a lovely poem by Bea La titled "Spell":


On checkered kitchen floor you stand
in long tee shirt and pink slippers,
naked legged and baking cake.

The summer night and candlelight
a fierce toothed glow on arms and face.

Fold dough round ribbons of his shorts,
thumb in strips of photo booth pics,
sprinkle glaze of fingernail bits.

Eat it fresh and oven hot, and
he will crumble in his bed sheets.
Spiders carry away his hair.

His two tender pieces, static
heart and locksmith fingers, grow new,
feeding on cake, warm inside you.

Congratulations, Bea! And thank you to all the others who submitted poems here, via email, or "abroad"! I look forward to seeing what you all will do next week when we enter the Challenge part deux. (And if you read that sentence carefully you may get a hint of what the challenge will entail!)


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  1. Khara, thanks for the feature and for the challenge. Looking forward to part deux and beyond!

    1. Thank you for the submission; it is a truly lovely poem.

  2. Wonderful twistiness of a poem: the meter really helps bring the theme and imagery together. That last stanza in particular is smashing.

    Since I totally missed this challenge thing, I'll have to jump in on this next week; glad you're doing this, Khara!

    1. You can jump in any time, Joseph; the Thursday evening deadlines are only to be featured poems of the week! I hope you enjoy!


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