02 July 2012

the our lost jungle poetry form challenge!!!

As poets, many of us (myself included) spend a lot of time writing poetry in our own styles ... But not a whole lot of time with the "classic" forms from which our poems are descendant. Growing up, my parents and grandparents often used the phrase, “Know where you came from.” With that concept in mind, I am excited to engage with you, for the next two months, in a Poetry Form Challenge.

The Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge!

the challenge

The challenge is simple. Each Monday in July and August, we will focus on a new element of poetic form. We’ll start with the basics, and then get into playing with form to add our own unique “flavor” to familiar poetic styles, concepts, and forms.

You will have from Monday when prompts are posted through Thursday evening (by 10pm EDT) to share your responses. You can post directly to the comments on the Our Lost Jungle blog, share a link to your response on your own blog, or share via email (at ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com)!

the goal

The goal of this challenge is also simple … Know where you came from. We will start with things like poetic meter and rhyme, and move on to specific forms both very familiar (like the sonnet) and perhaps less familiar (like the lento). Together we’ll practice and play with these forms to get refamiliarized with them, and learn how to adapt them into our own unique voices!

the prize

I think it’s a great thing to play with these forms … but, I’m also a big fan of seeing the rewards for my participation in events like this! Unfortunately I can’t promise you publication in any major literary journals. However, each Friday I will be featuring some of the top submissions on the blog! And at the end of the challenge, everyone who submits a “final portfolio” of the work they completed during the challenge will receive a special e-certificate and badge for their blog or website! More on the portfolio and challenge prize will come toward the end of the challenge!

the questions

I aim to be as straight forward and flexible as possible with any kind of challenge like this—my poetry students know that when I give a prompt, it tends to be at least a little open-ended to allow for personal voice to come in. The same applies here; we’ll start sticking strictly to a form, but then you’ll also be playing with the form in your own unique way. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at ourlostjungle@kharahouse.com

the starting line

I am so excited to get started with you all! Watch for the first challenge post soon! And as always …



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