26 June 2012

time is (not quite) on my side!

I meant to post this much, much earlier in the day, but never had the chance! I am currently in training for my (beloved) summer job, which means I sometimes may be delayed from posting updates to this (beloved) site. Case in point ... today!

After yesterday's day of training, coordinating, planning, celebrating birthdays, and so forth ended at around midnight, today's day of training, planning, and other fun activities had all but transpired before I realized, "Egads!, it's an A-Z Presses series day!" Those poor, neglected D-journals sit on my desktop, almost forgotten (but ever loved), and will be postponed until time once again yields itself to me. The rest of this week should be on schedule, although posts may appear later in the day than usual.

I love busy schedules. I love the feeling of having things to do, and getting them all done, and that nice sleepy sense of joy that overtakes me when they've all been finished and I can finally sleep. It's a good thing that I love those kinds of schedules, too, because I am about to be in for a doozie of a summer schedule.

Here's a brief idea of what my daily schedule will look like starting next Monday:

6:15AM --- Drag myself out of bed, perk myself up, and attempt to cheerfully drag nine young girls out of their beds and convince them to join me in Perky-ville

7:00AM --- Choke down breakfast (I am not a breakfast eating person, but to model good eating habits to the kids I'll be working with, I actually have to practice those good habits myself. I am sensing a lot of parfait, banana, and water breakfasts in the coming month.)

8:00AM --- Drop the kids off at school, sit through their morning meeting with their teachers, have a brief meeting with my bosses, etc.

8:30AM --- If (IF) my supervisors have no supplemental duties for me to perform, rush back to the dorms, take a shower, and get to work on writerly things

10:00AM --- If (IF!!!) I have finished will all the important writerly things I have to do, take a quick nap before ...

11:00AM(ish) --- Lunch

12:00PM --- Either head back to the dorm to continue writerly things OR hit up the campus library OR go for a walk OR workout OR all of the above

(All this is precluding the fact that I have to do classroom hours, sitting in on my kids' classes and seeing what they've done that day in school)

2:30PM --- Afternoon meeting with supervisors regarding the rest of the day's activities

3:00PM --- Recreation time with the kids, which will hopefully (HOPEFULLY!) mean enjoying some Zumba as led by one of the brilliant women I've worked with for the past two (or three?) years

4:30PM --- A strangely early (for me, anyway) dinner

Sometime after dinner (honestly, the rest of the day usually becomes something of a blur for me) : Study Hall, Town Hall (some days), Teen Talk (once a week), Laundry (once a week), Phone Calls (once a week), and everything else we do to fill the hours and engage these glorious young people until ...

(around) 9:00PM --- Bedtime (for the kids --- I get the honor of staying up 'til they're asleep, then hanging out with the staff for a bit, and then ...)

(between 11:00PM and 1:00AM for me, usually) --- My bedtime, which will include planning and crafting blog posts, other writing, etc

Honestly, it's going to be a wild and maddening and tear-invoking and joy-raising and hell-raising and temperature- and fear- and excitement-raising summer ... But I say, right now: Bring it on.


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