05 June 2012

opportunities for writers 6/5

a--z presses

Starting this month, the focus of the Opportunities for Writers posts will be a selection of literary journals and presses seeking submissions. We will work our way through the alphabet, featuring three journals each week. Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
(Image: "pencils" by Borbas Krisztian)
a cappella zoo

About:A cappella Zoo is an independent web & print magazine of magic realism & slipstream. We publish spring & fall issues of memorable writing, looking especially for surprising imagery, a natural sense of place & person, layered-storytelling, and well-explored perspectives & ideas. The works we feature fit a variety of overlapping styles: absurdist, uncanny, fabulist, cross-genre, experimental, bizarre, modern fairy tale, new weird, mythic, surreal, fantastic, etc. For our purposes, the combined terms MAGIC REALISM & SLIPSTREAM illustrate the range of our stories along a spectrum between modern reality and the imagined.”

Submission Process: A cappella Zoo welcomes up to three works at a time, “provided you upload each work separately.” They accept simultaneous submissions (and it’s safe to assume, though they don’t state it on their website, that the standard policy regarding simultaneous submissions applies: notify immediately if accepted elsewhere). The journal accepts submissions via their Submittable.com page.

Reading Period: April 1 --- June 30 and October 1 --- December 31

Website: For more on their submission process, and to learn more about the journal, visit A cappella Zoo online at www.acappellazoo.com.


About: “aaduna seeks to uncover new and emerging talent; build a relationship with those individuals; work with them to transition their creative ideas to publication, and then offer aaduna artists ongoing support and promotion to enhance their career … aaduna seeks creative visionaries who find refuge and their sense of the world within the complexities and ironies of the written word, as well as those compelling visual images, which are lastingly impressionable.”

Submission Process: aaduna’s submission process is two-fold. First, writers must submit one copy of their submission (typed, double-spaced, one-sided) via postal mail. Writers may send no more than two pieces of prose or three poems at a time. Authors should include a cover letter, bio, and all necessary contact information. Authors must then email the same submission and information to aaduna’s email submission address. (The journal requests that writers let them know if step one would prevent them submitting to aaduna in their cover letter and request that aaduna waive this step.)

Reading Period: June 30, 2012 is the deadline for the September 27, 2012 fall issue; see the website for other deadline dates

Website: For more on aaduna, and more detailed submission instructions, visit aaduna online at www.aaduna.org.

the absinthe literary review

About: The Absinthe Literary Review seeks “transgressive works dealing with madness, sex, death, disease, and the like; the clash of archaic with modern day; archetype, symbolism, disaffection, surrealism, magical realism, irrealism, philosophy, existential, post and post postmodern flavoring; experimental or flagrantly textured language; alt poetry; alt poetry in classical form; intense crafting of language from the writer’s writer. For more direction, see our Recommended Reading List.”

Submission Process: ALR warns that they are not a good market for the work of “beginning or hobbyist writers” who “haven’t run the industry maze at least once or twice.” Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but the author must inform ALR at once   if the piece is accepted elsewhere. Reprints are only acceptable if the author informs the journal of the fact when he or she submits. Short stories and novel excerpts should be under 4,000 words (with some flexibility; see the website for more info); essays must be “on literary topics only”; and poetry submissions are limited to 3-7 poems. Submissions are accepted via email, and must have the correct genre as the subject line (i.e. “Poetry Submission”) and be addressed to the proper editor (i.e. “Poetry Editor”) rather than any specific editor. Authors should include a 2-3 line bio with their submissions. Further submission and file format guidelines are available on their website.

Reading Period: Submissions accepted year round; writers should stick to submitting “only once every three months or so.”

Website: To learn more about ALR, and learn more about their submission process, visit The Absinthe Literary Review online at absintheliteraryreview.com.

Happy Writing!

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  1. What a fabulous idea! Thanks Khara!

  2. Thanks, Marie! I'm excited to launch into this series--I'm sure it will seem a lot more "real" after the alphabet actually starts rolling, ha-ha : -)

  3. Shameless self-promotion: when you get to C, there's always http://curiopoetry.wordpress.com ... ;)

    But thank you for this, too!

    1. Self-promotion should always be shameless : -) I will definitely "take it under advisement" ... (aka, Curio will get some shameless non-self-promotion come June 19th!)


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