19 June 2012

opportunities for writers 6/19

a--z presses

Welcome to the third week of the Opportunities for Writers’ focus on an “A to Z” literary journals and presses. Each week will feature three presses with open calls for submission seeking your writing! Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
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About: Caesura is sponsored by the Poetry Center San Jose (PCSJ), whose mission is “to nurture and promote diverse literary expression in our community as a means of exploring, defining, and enriching the human experience.” In 2005, Caesura updated its form from a newsletter and magazine to a literary journal. In this transition, Caesura hopes to “provide our members and the public with a compelling mix of work from the established award-winning poet to the burgeoning writer.”

Submission Process: For its upcoming edition (which will be published in November 2012), Caesura is seeking “poetry, prose and art that explore notions of eschatology” … Doomsday, the Apocalypse, Millenialism, Nibiru, the end of time, and so forth. Poets should send 1-3 poems (no more than 4 pages total); prose submissions should be no longer than 6000 words max. Writers should include a name, address, phone number, and email address with their submission. Submissions should be sent to caesura@pcsj.org with their work either attached as a Word .doc file or pasted as plain text in the body of the email. One great thing about Caesura is they won’t leave you hanging about your submission: their website specifies not only the submission deadline, but also when you will receive a response regarding the status of your submission!

Reading Period: The deadline for submission is June 30, 2012, and July 30, 2012 for members of PCSJ

Website: For more information about Caesura, PCSJ, and the submission process, visit them online at www.pcsj.org.


About: Curio is a poetry journal that “explores the world at a micro-level: tiny spaces, instants, individual objects, scraps of dreams and memories, et cetera … We want to hear about your reactions and impressions in the moment. Don’t try to solve the great equations of the universe or unburden your soul completely; just be in that moment and transmute it into writing.” Curio is seeking “short-ish verse (though we won’t say no to a truly dazzling long form piece) that finds rich description in simple things, verse that has thought and unexpected emotion in it, poems that the reader can put in their pocket and carry around all day, thinking about how it relates to them.”

Submission Process: Simultaneous and previously published submissions are acceptable (see the special note on these kinds of submissions on their website, as well as a note on poems previously published on your blog). Poets may submit 3---6 poems in the body of an email (no attachments) to “curiopoetry[at]gmail[dot]com, with the words “Poetry” and/or “Submission” somewhere in the subject header. There are a few cases in which you must notify Curio before submitting (i.e., certain lengths of poems, poems with special formatting, etc.). For more details on the submission process, visit the Curio submission page

Reading Period: Curio does not currently have a set reading period, so we’ll call it a “rolling” submission schedule.

Website: For more details on submissions, and to learn more about Curio, visit them online at www.curiopoetry.wordpress.com.

There are two personal connections I think have to be pointed out for this journal! Curio was recommended to be part of this series by Joseph Harker, the journal’s editor, during the first week of this series, which is absolutely awesome; it means Joseph is actively and eagerly seeking great writing for his journal. And when we’re talking about great writing, I must mention that De Jackson, a lovely poet (who interviewed me for her Whimsygizmo blog back in May), has three poems in the current issue of Curio!


About: Conclave is a bi-annual print and e-journal of “character-focused writing and photography. We seek writing that centers around well-crafted and authentic characters.” They are seeking stories, flash fiction, poetry, and prose poems; sorry, non-fictioners, but they only accept a “minimal amount” of creative nonfiction. (As a side note, if you’ve been playing around with characters in your writing using personas or the recent fairy tale prompt, this might be a potential home for your writing!)

Submission Process: All submissions must be submitted via Conclave’s online submission manager. Conclave does not accept previously published work, including work published online. Writers must include a short biography with submissions. Poets should submit no more than 6 poems at a time. For more details on the submission process, visit Conclave’s submission guidelines page.

Reading Period: Conclave’s website does not list a reading period. The most recent information I was able to track down online reflected a reading period of March 1 to September 30. You may want to contact the editors to verify their current reading period deadlines.

Website: For more on Conclave, its history, and the submission process, visit Conclave online at www.conclavejournal.com.

Happy Writing!
PS: Don’t forget to join in this week’s #MNINB Twitter Chats! The topic for this week’s chats is “A World of Pure Imagination?” and will focus on the wellsprings of our inspiration to write, both in our select genres and in/for the blogosphere! Join in on Twitter or on TweetChat.com. Chat times are 6pm ET (3pm PT) and 9pm ET (6pm PT).


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