28 June 2012

online finds 6/28: duotrope

Duotrope is a godsend of a resource for writers!
I have, with increasing frequency, had so many friends and writing colleagues ask about Duotrope that I figured it was about time to just write up a quick profile to make sure folks are aware of this fantastic web resource.

In high school, I had a science teacher tell my class that "entropy" was the answer to all science related questions there was no answer to. In the writing world, I think I can safely say that "Duotrope" is the answer to all the writing and publication questions you might not have the answer to.

about duotrope

Duotrope is a free resource for writers that offers some of the best advice, interviews, and other resources that help writers accomplish their writing and publication goals. According to their About/FAQ page:

Duotrope is a free resource for writers that primarily offers and extensive, searchable database of current fiction, poetry, and non-fiction markets. We also offer a calendar of upcoming deadlines, submission trackers (for registered users), and some nifty reports compiled from the data we've accumulated.

how it works

Before I knew of this site, I would send out mail and online submissions in a rather haphazard manner; half the time, when I received a rejection notice I didn't even remember having sent the submission. With Duotrope, I log in and do a quick search for journals searching for "Nature" poetry submissions. I find a list of 30 journals, and decide to submit to five of them. With Duotrope's submission tracker, I can visit the website of each journal, submit, and instantly record the submission (which I can then update as I hear back from them).

Let's say I've only just heard of Journal X during this search. I'm excited about what they're looking for, but through Duotrope's research and data compilations, I see they are one of the top 25 slowest markets to respond. I can see the average amount of time Journal X takes to get back to people; I'm stunned to see it sometimes takes them more than a year! With these simple tools, I instantly know this might not be the place to submit.

Perhaps I've just heard of Journal D, too. I can look on the journal's info page and see that Duotrope has an interview with the editor that gives me great insight into the way the editors think. I realize we have the same thought processes about poetry, and they're looking for exactly what I have to offer. I now feel 100% more confident submitting to this journal!

the last word ...

All I can say is: Duotrope is a godsend. I highly recommend signing up and checking them out today! Take advantage of the submission tracker to monitor where you're submitting, and your successes (and temporary set-backs). Use their data to figure out where you want to submit. (And don't forget to help "Keep It Free!" by making a donation if and when you're able!)


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  1. Thanks,Khara. I've signed up for it, but haven't yet made use of it. July is my month to start tracking this process.

  2. Love Duotrope! And their swiftest/friendliest lists are really useful when you're first getting your toes wet. A friend who has been writing and submitting in volume for some time finds the submission tracker inadequate, and I can see the possibility, but It is perfect for my (beginner) level. The Calendar is nifty if you feel like tossing something into the ring at the last minute, though that's probably not its real,purpose.

  3. Thanks Khara! I had forgotten all about Duotrope since I've been focusing on my art.
    Stay inspired!

  4. Thanks, all, for your comments. It's very interesting to see the different "states" of Duotrope-use represented in them! I find that I'm often an "on-again-off-again" user, barely able to pry myself away when I'm in the midst of a submission weekend, or barely remembering it exists until I see my daily digest email! Those daily digests, by the way, are another great way to take advantage of Duotrope's offerings!

  5. So right, Khara, it is a great resource. Discovered it a year ago and found it to be helpful.


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